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Quick Lane Bowl GameThread: Maryland football vs. Boston College

The Terps and the Eagles are both looking to finish at 7-6. Only one of them will.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The most important day of the year has arrived.

That's right. It's Quick Lane Bowl day.

Maryland and Boston College are facing off at 2:30 on ESPN to determine which team will finish above .500 after a dismal 2015 campaign and which has to go home saddened by a missed opportunity.

This is the second game on a day that does not feature an above-.500 team. Miami and Mississippi State are concluding play now, and N.C. State and Vanderbilt in action later. Should be fun.

Here's our big preview of the game, where you can get to know as much as you'll ever want to about Boston College football. This might not be the best game you'll watch today, but it just might be the closest. So that's at least something.

Here are Maryland's digs for the game. Personally I thought they'd have something a little more crazy, but this is fine:

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