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GameThread: Maryland football vs. Michigan

Hang out with us while the Terps take on the Wolverines

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland football takes on Michigan today at 3:30 on ESPN. The Terps walk into the Big House with an almost impossible task ahead of them. The Wolverines are one of the top three teams in the nation by any measure, boasting what seems like an impenetrable defense to go along with an offense that's also pretty dang good.

As evidenced by the 30-point spread for this game, a Maryland win would be cause for an outrageous celebration in College Park. This also means that a loss, even a blowout loss, shouldn't be cause for concern. Michigan is really, really good, and Maryland's in year one of a rebuild with a new coach. Read our big Maryland-Michigan preview to fully prepare yourself for today's game.

We don't have anyone on the ground in Michigan, but be sure to follow along with @ryanconnors_, @tkendziora37 and of course, @testudotimes throughout the game. We also have Matt Ellentuck (@mellentuck) covering Maryland men's basketball's exhibition against Catawba, which is already underway.

So without further ado, the comments section is yours. Be nice :)