Dion Wiley Status

Has anyone heard much about Dion Wiley's recovery? The reason I ask is, were it coming along well, or as they say "ahead of schedule", is there any chance of lifting his redshirt and getting him back for the end of the season?

While we have all assumed Wiley is done for the year, I do think this is a question worth asking for a few reasons. One, meniscus tears have a historically variant set of recover times. Plenty of of people are back in a month, some people never fully recover. The initial timeline for Wiley's was four months, putting him back March 7th, but if he were ahead of schedule and could be back in February, then...

Two, we could really use Dion Wiley. We generally need all the G depth we can find, but especially with Nickens' 3 pt shot being less consistent than we had hoped this year, having another option for a wing sniper would be valuable.

Three, we have a pretty clear chance to compete for a national championship this season, which is not something that happens regularly. As a fan I would absolutely give up a year of Wiley's college eligibility for 10 games if it increased our chances of winning the title even a fraction. I imagine Turge would say the same. Dion might feel differently, and he certainly shouldn't risk injury to rush back, but if he is fully recovered I'd rather have him for March of 2016 than all of 2018-19.

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