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Terrapin Title Tracker

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This is your weekly roundup of Maryland non-revenue action. Let's take a look at their chances to win some hardware.

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#5 Women's Basketball

The Terrapins continue to cruise along. Brionna Jones recorded two double-doubles over the course of the week and became the 31st player in program history to record 1,000 points. Shatori Walker-Kimbrough nearly set a new career-high in points at Penn State, but sat out the final eight minutes of the game because the Terps were up by 30.

Record this week: 2-0 (89-53 win over Penn State and an 86-63 win over Indiana)

Record this season: (19-2, 8-1)

Grade for the week: A+. Two good wins. The Terps are playing at a high level.

Title Chances: 5. Maryland is tied for first in the Big Ten standings.


After bad road losses to Indiana and Purdue and a disappointing loss to in-state rival Navy, Maryland got roughed up in Piscataway by No. 12 Rutgers. Geoffrey Alexander was the only Terp who managed to win a match, though Dawson Peck went into overtime against a very tough opponent who had beaten him at the Midlands. The final score was an ugly 30-3 loss.

Record this week: 0-1 (30-3 loss at No. 12 Rutgers)

Record this season: (4-10, 1-6)

Grade for the week: F. 1 win in 10 matches is not what you want to see. The Terps are struggling right now.

Title Chances: 0. Maryland will not win the Big Ten.


There are a few ways to look at Maryland's loss to Iowa in their Big Ten home opener. You could see it as Iowa just outperforming Maryland. That would be true. You could just see it as a loss. That would be accurate as well. Then there's the third option, the silver lining. The Terrapins scored 195.500 on Sunday afternoon. Last year's team didn't record a score that high until March. The silver lining is that while the Terps lost, they might still be ahead of schedule.

Record this week: 0-1 (196.275-195.500 loss to Iowa)

Record this season: (2-3, 0-2)

Grade for the week: C+. Maryland performed well throughout the course of the meet; Iowa was just better.

Title Chances: 0. Maryland is not going to win the Big Ten.

Track and Field

The women's track and field team cleaned up at the Terrapin Invitational on Saturday. They dominated and took the team title with a score of 180 points. The women's side won a multitude of events, including the weight throw, shot put, 60 meter hurdles, 60 meter sprints, the 300 and 600 meters, and the 4x400 meter relay.

The men's team performed well, and took wins in the 300 meters, 800 meters, triple jump, and the 4x400 meter relay.


After getting blanked by Columbia and edged by BYU, the Terps returned to College Park and got their first win of the season. They won the first four singles matches and the doubles point to get the 5-2 win.

Record this week: 1-0 (5-2 win over James Madison)

Record this season: (1-2)

Grade for the week: A. Maryland got the win in their home opener.

Title Chances: 0. Maryland is not going to win the Big Ten.