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Maryland is about to get absolutely pummeled by snow

If you're in the Mid-Atlantic, hope you got your bread, toilet paper and milk, because a historic blizzard is about to begin. Sounds like a great opportunity to make some Testudo-inspired snow figures.

GFS model of potential snow totals from this weekend's storm.
GFS model of potential snow totals from this weekend's storm.

If you're living on the East coast, you've probably heard about a certain winter storm that has set a bulls-eye on the Washington D.C. metro area. Sometime Friday afternoon, that storm is going to begin dumping snow on the region and will continue doing so until late Saturday and possibly into Sunday morning. By the time Sunday afternoon arrives, the University of Maryland, along with the surrounding area, will likely have some insane amount of snow on the ground.

The University of Maryland announced that the campus will be closed from January 22nd-January 24th and is also canceling all athletic events during that time period. Given what the forecasted totals are for this storm, that seems like a good idea: a lot of snow for almost anywhere, but it's potentially a historic amount for the D.C. region. Here's a look at the biggest all-time snow storms on record for D.C.:

While snow storms like this are typically a lot of fun, getting snowed in for a few days with friends and family, this one in particular could also be very dangerous, so make sure you're prepared.

And hope that your power doesn't go out so you can still watch Maryland take on Michigan State tomorrow in East Lancing. Enjoy the snow, Maryland fans. And make sure you share pictures your best Maryland-inspired snow turtles and or cool shots from campus if you're there, either in the comments below or tweet them to us @testudotimes.