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Terrapin Title Tracker

This is your weekly roundup of Maryland non-revenue action. Let's take a look at their chances to win some hardware.

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#8 Women's Basketball

The Terps responded well after losing their first-ever Big Ten game. Maryland rolled to victories over Nebraska and Iowa. The turnover totals were down and that is a very good thing.

Record this week: 2-0 (89-50 win over Nebraska and a 76-56 win over Iowa)

Record this season: (14-2, 3-1)

Grade for the week: A. Maryland won big in both of their games. They need to keep winning to stay in the hunt for the Big Ten title.

Title Chances: 5. Maryland still has a great shot to repeat as Big Ten champs.


Maryland lost at Minnesota on Friday but came back and got their first-ever Big Ten win on Sunday afternoon at the Xfinity Center. Maryland's freshmen stepped up and won of five of Maryland's seven matches. Three of the five came by bonus points, including Youssif Hemida's pin at heavyweight to cap off the match.

Record this week: 1-1 (26-12 loss to Minnesota and a 26-10 win over Michigan State)

Record this season: (4-6, 1-3)

Grade for the week: B. The Terps got their first-ever Big Ten win.

Title Chances: 0. Maryland has no shot at winning the Big Ten.


It is clear that Kathy Tang and Abbie Epperson are invaluable to this team. They will have to perform exceptionally well at each and every meet for Maryland to have a chance to surpass what they did last year.

Record this week: 2nd out of four teams at Pittsburgh quad meet

Record this season: N/A

Grade for the week: B-. Maryland could have done better on floor and vault but they did very well on the bars.

Title Chances: 0. Michigan is clearly the class of the conference. Maryland is not going to win the Big Ten.