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Terrapin Title Tracker

This is your weekly roundup of Maryland non-revenue action. Let's take a look at their chances to win some hardware this season.

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Men's Soccer

Men's Soccer had another decent week, losing to rival Georgetown but also blasting Wisconsin to get their first win in Big Ten play. The offense woke up in a big way against Wisconsin on the road. Can this team keep up their torrid tempo and continue to score?

Record this week: 1-1-0 (2-1 loss to Georgetown on Wednesday and 4-1 win against Wisconsin on Sunday)

Record this season: 4-2-3 (1-0-2)

Grade for the week: B+. The win at Wisconsin holds more weight to me than the loss to a really, really good Georgetown squad. Maryland dominated the Badgers and got some much needed points.

Title chances: 5. The Terps are in second place in the Big Ten standings. They are undefeated in Big Ten play and the only team above them is Michigan, who Maryland drew earlier this season. Maryland continues to impress defensively and continues to look like they will defend their Big Ten crown.

Field Hockey

The Terps dominated this week, picking up two conference wins and soundly defeating rival Princeton.

Record this week: 3-0 (3-0 win over Princeton on Tuesday, 2-1 win over Michigan on Friday, and 5-1 win over Michigan State on Sunday)

Record this season: 8-3 (3-0)

Grade for the week: A+. Maryland had a great week. Three games in a week is a grind and the Terps showed how well-conditioned and tough they are with this three game stretch.

Title chances: 5. The Terps are undefeated in conference play so far this season and have already dispatched one of their toughest challengers in Northwestern.


Maryland got swept twice this week as they started Big Ten play. The losses are going to pile up as the Terps play great teams week in and week out.

Record this week: 0-2 (swept by top-10 Illinois on Friday and Northwestern on Saturday)

Record this season: 10-6 (0-2)

Grade for the week: D. The Terps were extremely competitive in the first two sets against Northwestern and then got blown out in the third and final set. That was the most redeeming part of the weekend for Maryland. They had a chance to take some sets but came up just short.

Title chances: 0. Maryland is not built to compete and win matches right now in the Big Ten. In a year or two they will but, right now, this team simply isn't deep and isn't very talented compared to their competition.

Women's Soccer

This was not a good week for Women's Soccer. They lost both of their Big Ten games on the road. They got shut out in the first game and gave up the golden goal in double overtime in the second.

Record this week: 0-2 (2-0 loss at Northwestern on Thursday and 2-1 (2 OT) loss at Illinois on Sunday)

Record this season: 5-6-0 (0-3-0)

Grade for the week: F. The Terps should have gotten a result this week and didn't. They are at least as talented as the teams they played. They didn't play a good game against Northwestern and then had myriad opportunities to beat Illinois but couldn't finish.

Title chances: 0. The Terps are tied for dead last in the Big Ten standings with Iowa. The team is now below .500 and the finishing issues that kept them from reaching the Big Ten tournament last year are coming back to haunt them again this season.