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What would it cost Maryland to fire Randy Edsall?

Despite a three-year extension he signed this year, firing Randy Edsall after the 2015 season wouldn't be so expensive for the University of Maryland.

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland suffered another embarrassing loss on Saturday, this time on the road at the hands of a very talented West Virginia team. Looking at the remainder of Maryland's schedule, it's possible the Terps won't win another game this season.

Even with a talented recruiting class slated to arrive in College Park in 2016, a 2-10 season for Maryland would likely signal the end of the Randy Edsall era at Maryland. But what would it cost the university to terminate Edsall's contract? Let's take a look.

Edsall and Maryland agreed to a contract extension earlier this year, which runs through the 2019 season. One of the biggest clauses of that extension was a $500,000 buyout option for Maryland if the school decided to terminate Edsall. But that $500,000 buyout is only an option following the 2016 season. What if Edsall was fired after or during this season? The Washington Post has the answer:

Should Edsall be fired prior to Jan. 15, 2017 - when his initial contract ends - the school would pay him a $2.6 million buyout ($2.1 million from his original contract with an additional $500,000 coming from his extension).

So while the $500,000 buyout isn't applicable until January 2017, Maryland is still not on the hook for the $7.5 million from his extension if it elects to fire him before Jan 15, 2017. Edsall is only guaranteed the final year of his original contract ($2.1 million) plus an additional $500,000. Maryland paid $2 million to Ralph Friedgen to buy out the final year of his contract prior to hiring Edsall.

Edsall's job would have probably been safe with a mediocre four- or five- win season. But if the Terps lose their last eight games and go 2-10, or even 3-9, they're going to have to consider making a coaching change.

If they do, it will cost them $2.6 million.