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Terps QB commit Dwayne Haskins impresses in second game of the season

After a blip in the first quarter, Haskins caught fire and couldn't stop throwing touchdowns.

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Maryland quarterback commit Dwayne Haskins (The Bullis School) put on a show in an overtime shootout loss Friday night.

Haskins, a four-star quarterback and the centerpiece of Maryland's 2016 recruiting class, finished the day 29 of 44 through the air for 442 yards with seven passing touchdowns and one score on the ground against Woodberry Forest (N.C.).

The fact that Bullis lost isn't really important here. Haskins looked good all game, and was able to battle back each time Woodberry scored, leading the Bulldogs down the field and scoring with five seconds left to tie the game at the end of regulation. He also threw for a touchdown in overtime, but running back Andres Lopez was stuffed on the two-point conversion, allowing Woodberry to win the game after a touchdown and extra point.

Haskins impressed immediately on his first drive, completing his first three passes, including a sweet 36-yard bullet to get his team to the five-yard line, before missing an open receiver in the end zone and getting sacked on third down to end the drive and bring on the field goal unit.

He made his only big mistake on his very next play, when Woodberry safety Michael Davenport stepped in front of Haskins' pass and picked it off.

He threw for touchdowns on each of his next three drives, then ran for one. Haskins was on fire, and he was certainly a better sight than any Maryland quarterback has been in quite a while.

Haskins showed an ability to run the option, flipping the ball to his running back on a couple occasions, although he never tucked and ran it himself on an option play. He executed the option perfectly on this nine-yard touchdown run by Andres Lopez.

In the first half, Haskins was 16/25 for 253 yards through the air.

After a brief lull, Haskins' second half ended up being more of the same. He rebounded to throw three more touchdowns. I didn't include Vines of every score because, well, you get the point. He's good. He's really good.

All night, Haskins looked especially great when throwing on the run. His 36-yard pass to the five-yard line on his first drive of the game was on the run, as were a few of his touchdowns. The ability to throw on the run will help him in college, although  Maryland's offensive line should do well once Haskins gets here, as Damian Prince and Derwin Grey should protect him quite nicely.

Class of 2017 quarterback Lindell Stone had an equally impressive performance Friday, and his Woodberry offense didn't have to trot out the punt team until late in the fourth quarter, when they promptly ran a fake and gained almost 20 yards and a first down.

Get excited, guys. Haskins gets to College Park in 11 months.