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Terps look to Caleb Rowe to spark offense

After Rowe's elevation to starting quarterback, the Terps want to make everyone forget about last weekend.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland Football

Caleb Rowe readies himself for start vs. South Florida
This story is littered with interesting quotes from teammates regarding Rowe's elevation to starting quarterback. My take away is that the team seems genuinely excited to have Rowe starting, and excited players play better.

Maryland plans to revive its running attack against South Florida
Since "you know he wrestled in high school" is off the table, I propose a new phrase for Saturday's drinking game "stretch the field."

Young Terps WRs Look to Add "Stef-like" Ability to Passing Game
Wide receivers D.J. Moore and Taivon Jacobs move into the starting line up this week, and will try to connect on some home runs from Caleb Rowe.

Brad Craddock debuts pooch punt in Maryland's loss to Bowling Green
After an uncharacteristicly pedestrian performance in week 1, Craddock showed yet another weapon in his arsenal with a perfect pooch punt - yet another reason he will be playing on Sundays soon.

Terps football tickets are so cheap, they're practically giving them away
For the price of a latte at Starbucks you can go see a Terps game. Great indeed...

Maryland Basketball

Terps Basketball to be Featured at Least 14 Times on ESPN, CBS
With two additional games featuring CBS options, the Terps could play 16 games on national TV. That kind of exposure is fantastic!

The 3 Biggest Questions For The Maryland Terrapins To Get In National Championship Contention Next Season - BT Powerhouse
The Terps are not only skilled at every position, but their versatility means they can play any type of game from a track meet to a heavyweight bout. That kind of versatility could be priceless in the post season when you never know who you might play in the Tournament.