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3 predictions for Maryland-USF

This week, these predictions may actually come true.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

After a brutal loss to Bowling Green last week, Maryland football has a chance to recover some of its pride against South Florida Saturday at noon on ESPNU. The Terps are currently reeling and expectations for the team have already been lowered significantly. Here's what you can expect from Maryland this weekend.

Caleb Rowe will throw a touchdown pass of over 50 yards.

Caleb Rowe is the team's quarterback because he can go deep. In four games last season, Rowe averaged 9.1 yards per attempt, compared to 6 yards per attempt by Perry Hills in the team's first two games this year. His longest TD passes in each of his last three seasons went for 60, 77 and 66 yards, respectively. Rowe has some weapons who can take the top off of a defense, but more on that later. Whether he completes a long bomb or a catch-and-run like this one to Levern Jacobs, Rowe should be able to help the Terps score from outside the red zone Saturday.

USF will not punt to Will Likely

The Bulls have to have learned from Richmond and Bowling Green's mistakes. Likely is averaging 31.5 yards per return, which is fifth in the nation. He leads the country with 315 total punt return yards, which is more than twice the amount that the next-best returner has. Kicking to Likely at this point is simply unwise, but Richmond and Bowling Green continued to do it, much to the disappointment of writers in attendance.

The best way to combat Likely's talents is to simply kick it away from him. It's not rocket science, people.

Taivon Jacobs will finally break out.

Ok so I've made this prediction three times in a row now, but I swear this is the week it's actually going to happen. Jacobs, who  had one catch in week one for 12 yards and did not record a reception in week two,  has been moved into a starting spot, and Caleb Rowe can actually throw deep. So this is the week Jacobs is going to stop making me look like an idiot.  The speedster should be able to get loose for at least one reception of more than 20 yards against South Florida.