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Randy Edsall talks Maryland football’s QB change, matchup against USF

Notes from Maryland's Tuesday media availabilities at Byrd Stadium.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Via Maryland, notes from Tuesday's press availabilities at Byrd Stadium:

Head Coach Randy Edsall

On the quarterback change from Perry Hills to Caleb Rowe: 

"Perry [Hills] is a great kid and he competed, but I just saw some things I didn't think we were getting done in order for us to be who we need to be offensively. The switch will allow us to be more versatile and do some of the things we'd like to be able to do, like being able to put more pressure on the defense."

"It's something that I just saw - that we saw - as an offensive staff. It's just things we saw and who we are as an offense in terms of what we have to be able to do. I want Caleb [Rowe] to go out and play well. We want Caleb to play well. I think he's a little bit better now than what he was going into camp physically as well as mentally, so we'll move from there."

On the upcoming game against USF:

"They're a very aggressive, active defense. They run the 4-2-5. They do a really good job. Offensively, they run the spread attack. Quinton Flowers, the quarterback, is very mobile and athletic. They like to run the ball and run play action passes, and they're very sound on special teams."

On Caleb Rowe's performance in practices:

"He has gotten better. When you have an ACL injury and you come back, it takes some time not only physically, but also mentally to overcome the questions that you might have as an athlete. You see him moving and settling and doing the things he's supposed to be doing as a quarterback better now compared to what we saw during training camp."

On the changes at wide receiver:

"I've seen some things from D.J. Moore. If you take a look at the catch he made on the slant for the touchdown and also ran through a tackle on the sideline. I've seen him do some great things. We have to be able to throw the football, we have to be a threat and can't be without production in the throwing game. We have to stretch the field vertically and horizontally.  Things I've seen from D.J. in terms of what he is able to do fits into those things. Right now, D.J. gives us a little bit more and has some great qualities. The same thing at the z-spot. Taivon has come back off of a knee injury and has more confidence, plus he has more speed. In terms of what we have to be able to do in the passing game, those two guys have demonstrated that they are able to provide what we need right now."

On the vertical passing game:

"There were some opportunities that weren't taken advantage of. If you're going to stay back and not threaten people vertically, it makes it a little bit easier for them. We want to be balanced offensively running and throwing the ball, and also balanced in our passing game where we incorporate vertical reads, horizontal reads, play action and 3-step and 5-step drops. We want to have all of those things."

Wide Receiver Levern Jacobs

On his brother Taivon slated to start Saturday:

"It is a great opportunity for him to step into that starting role. I think it is a great chance for him."

On the offense:

"We have to come back and work hard. We did not have our best week last week. We did not put up enough points to win the game and we can take the blame for that. There are still a lot of things to work on but it is a long season. We have a lot of football left to play."

On Caleb Rowe being named starting quarterback:

"Caleb has a pretty strong arm. I am excited to see what he going to do. I think that is a great opportunity for him as well. He has been waiting to be in the starting role for a couple years now.  It is his time to step up and show what he can do as a quarterback."

On losing to Bowling Green:

"It is always a tough loss when you lose to anyone. We were confident going into the game and we knew there were things we could have done to win the game. We knew at the end of the day it was going to be a shootout. As an offense we did not get the things done that we needed to do. It was a tough loss for us but, now we are looking forward to the next game."

On concerns with USF:

"There are never really any concerns. We go into every game with a great mindset; trying to get the win. I think the biggest thing with us is preparation. I think we have to do a great job in the film room and take what we learn in the film room onto the field."

Kicker Brad Craddock

On the mood after the loss:

"I think the guys are pretty hungry - nobody likes losing a game.  We have to come out and try to get better and work on fundamentals and technique."

On the team's message:

"We made some mistakes this past weekend and we have to come back out this weekend and fix them. No one likes losing and obviously it hurts, so everyone is just hungry to get back out there."