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3 predictions for Maryland-Bowling Green

Can the Terps open the season 2-0?

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Perry Hills will have a slightly-not-as-rough day

After struggling mightily in his season debut, Hills is facing a worse defense this week, so he should do a little better than he did against Richmond. He underthrew a significant amount of his passes last week, and I'm going to attribute some of those underthrows to jitters and inexperience. He should be a little more on the mark this time, and if he's not, we could see a quarterback controversy in College Park sooner than people expected.

All three Maryland running backs will gain over 70 yards for the second straight week

The Terps took it to the Richmond Spiders to a tune of 341 yards on the ground. Brandon Ross led the way with 150 rushing yards, while Ty Johnson had 83 yards and  Wes Brown added 74. Bowling Green has an even worse run defense than Richmond, so while the Terps may not repeat last week's performance, there should be a lot of open running lanes this Saturday.

Taivon Jacobs will impress people

Last week I predicted he would make some big plays against the Spiders, and Jacobs finished the game with one catch for 12 yards. However, no Maryland receiver had more than two catches last week. If Hills is even a little better than he was last week, every wideout (including Jacobs) will have an chance for a big game. So I'm doubling down this week. I think he'll have a game similar to Ty Johnson's performance last week, where he gained most of his yards in garbage time last week but still impressed everybody.