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Randy Edsall, Levern Jacobs, Quinton Jefferson talk Maryland vs. Richmond

The following is a press release from Maryland.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Head Coach Randy Edsall

Opening Statement:

"Good afternoon - it's great to be here. The guys are excited for the first game and they are really looking forward to getting the season going. We have a tremendous opportunity and a really good opponent in Richmond coming here, so we just need to continue to have good practices, stay healthy and play the type of game that we are capable of playing."

On quarterback Perry Hill being the starter:

"Perry had been working with the ones pretty much throughout the last half of the preseason so it was not anything new. The players see what's happening on the field, and they understand when they're in the huddle what's taking place. They expected it. The guys have done a good job and I think they always know that it doesn't matter who is there; everybody has the responsibility to play to the best of their ability. It makes no difference if somebody goes down, the next guy has got to step up and play as well or better than the player they're replacing. Its football; he (Perry) won the competition and they know he's our starting quarterback as we go into this game."

On the offense's potential:

"We have guys that have the ability to make plays at the wide receiver position, we have guys that can play at tight end, and we have running backs and fullbacks that can make plays. We have a quarterback (and quarterbacks) that have the understanding that they have teammates that can execute plays and do what they're supposed to do. They have the ability to make things happen. They understand their job. It's the matter of every single guy going out there and doing their job well, and that's what's going to make us successful and be the kind of offense that we want to be."

On the progression of the defensive line:

"It's always been my philosophy to have enough defensive linemen where you can roll some guys in there. Some need experience, and we hope to give them some, but not at the expense of our success. If the ones (first team) need a blow, then we'll get them one and put the younger guys in there."

On the wide receivers:

"They have performed pretty well and have gotten better. They understand what the expectations are, and they know we have confidence in them. DeAndre [Lane], D.J. [Moore], Levern [Jacobs], Malcolm [Culmer], and Taivon [Jacobs] all have to be ready to go. Now it's a matter of them going out and doing the things that we've been practicing for the past three weeks. They now have a chance to be on center stage and show everybody who they are and their abilities."

On changes within the offensive line:

"You take the people that you have and you design the offense around what they do well. With all three of our quarterbacks last year, we had to have two different types of offenses: one for C.J. [Brown] and one for the other guys. This year, we can have one offense that can fit all three guys and that highlights the skills of our running backs, tight ends, and receivers. You have the ability to utilize personnel to aide in making us the most productive we feel we can be. We have a chance to be more versatile offensively this year than what we were a year ago based on all of these factors."

On the linebackers:

"You don't like to see anyone go down and I know Abner [Logan] was looking forward to the opportunity of being a starter. Jefferson [Ashiru] is a guy who has played before, he's started before as an inside linebacker [at UConn]. He has handled it the right way and has picked things up pretty well. I know he's anxious and ready to get playing."

On the first three games of the season:

"I really only care about one game at a time, but it's always important to get off to a good start and continue to build momentum. Our whole focus and concentration right now is entirely on Richmond. That's the only thing that's important and once we play Richmond, then we'll worry about who our next opponent is and concentrate on them. We're not good enough to try to focus in on who we play second or third without even playing the first one. Our guys know that the only thing that matters is Richmond and we have to put all of our attention on them."

On Perry Hills' growth:

"People never thought that he had a chance to be the quarterback. It's a great thing about sport - a great thing about life - to not believe what other people say and to control what you can control. Perry worked very hard through the spring and summer, prepared for the competition, competed and won the job. If you can't have respect for a guy that did that when nobody outside of the program thought that he was going to be our starting quarterback, you can imagine how guys within the program feel about him as he went out and competed and won. It wasn't a popularity contest nor politics - it was good old fashioned competition. He has more knowledge and more experience than what he had before. He is a competitor, tough, and I think he really understands what we are doing offensively and that's why he has grown."

Redshirt Junior Wide Receiver Levern Jacobs

On comparisons between Perry Hills and CJ Brown:

"I think that they are similar.  Perry [Hills] can definitely beat you on the ground and in the air.  His arm has gotten so much better and you can tell how much he has grown since his freshman year.  I think that he is just excited to step into that starting quarterback role."

On quarterback starting role competition:

"During camp and throughout the summer all three quarterbacks were splitting repetitions.  I think that during the second week of camp [Perry] Hills started to separate himself with his throws and his reads.  He definitely showed he was becoming a leader."

On the potential of the offense:

"I definitely think that the potential is there.  We have a lot of people doubting our offense because they think we lost a lot of people but we have had a really solid camp.  We have been working together and the chemistry is there; we have all the tools to be good this year we just have to put it all together on Saturday."

On his job this season:

"I just have to go out there and play my game.  However that is; if it is blocking or catching passes I am going to do whatever I have to do to win the game.  I am going to do a good job of doing what I have to do and I know the other guys will too."

On challenges Richmond will cause:

"I expect to see a great team.  This team was good last year.  They are bringing back two returning cornerbacks and those guys are pretty solid. As receivers we are just going to have to go out there on Saturday and do our best.  We are going to have to beat their man coverage."

Redshirt Junior Defensive Lineman Quinton Jefferson

On expectations from Richmond:

"I expect Richmond to come in with a lot of energy.  They want to knock us off and they are a well-coached team with a lot of talent.  I am expecting a good game so we have to go out there and play our technique and play fast.

On Maryland's defense:

"I think we do have a little bit of a chip on our shoulder. A lot of people don't expect us to do much so we know what we have to do. We want to go out there and show the finished product of what we have been working on throughout camp.  We have to show how we play hard and play physical and we are playmakers.  I am excited to get out there."

On the experience of the defense:

"I don't think that we are as young as we look on paper.  We have a lot of hungry guys that want to be playmakers and want to contribute regardless of experience.  I think a lot of people have been sleeping on us but I like that because that allows us to shock people and make an impact."

On differences between 2014 and 2015 defense:

"I think the comradery is different.  We have a lot of people who are just out there playing for each other.  We want to see each other be successful and the defense as a whole be successful.  We have guys just trying to do their job and not trying to do any other player's job.  We have great leadership on the defense and a lot of guys who are not going to let this team fail."

On being able to stop the run:

"I definitely think that we are better equipped to stop the run this year.  The defensive linemen are putting us in the position to be playmakers right at the point of attack."

On if Richmond is a test on the defense:

"Definitely, no one on our team is sleeping on Richmond.  They are a well-coached team.  They have a lot of playmakers like the running back.  He runs the ball hard.  The receivers are also huge playmakers."