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Profiles in Terpage: Nate Adams

Our series continues with Maryland's starting sophomore long snapper.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Nate Adams, sophomore, long snapper, No. 56


Height: 6'0"

Weight: 220

Collegiate stats: N / A

High school: Greenway High School (Phoenix, AZ)

High school stats (Senior Year): 101 tackles as a linebacker, his kicker was 36/40 on PAT's

Composite recruiting rating: Two stars (0.7583), No. 6 long snapper, No. 64 recruit in Arizona, via 247Sports.

Who Maryland beat: Air Force

High school highlights:

How'd He Get to College Park?

Adams was offered a scholarship by Maryland in December of his senior year and he accepted that offer only four days later. The only other offer he received was by Air Force. Adams was a standout high school player, playing linebacker, long snapper, tight end, and running back for Greenway High School in Arizona. He set a single season school record with 101 tackles during his senior year and was named first team All Arizona Division III as well as district defensive player of the year.

In his freshman year in College Park, he took over the long snapping duties against Ohio State and eventually won the starting job by the end of the year.

Career Highlight:

Starting at long snapper against eventual national champion, Ohio State.

Dream Season:

He has another good year at long snapper, helping Brad Craddock earn the Lou Groza award.

2015 Prospectus:

Adams is the starting long snapper, per the team's depth chart and will likely remain so for the remainder of his time in a Maryland uniform, barring injury. He is a steady player at a very underrated position on the football field and a key component of Brad Craddock's success.

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