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Profiles in Terpage: Brad Craddock

Our player preview series continues with one of the nation's best kickers and most important players on this year's team.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Craddock, Senior, Kicker, No. 15


Height: 6'1"

Weight: 195

Collegiate stats (via Field goals: 49/60 (81%); Extra points: 104/107 (97%); Kickoffs 196, 12,040 yards (61.42 yard average), 46 touchbacks; Points: 251; 3 tackles, 1 punt (23 yards).

High school: Tabor Christian College

High school stats (Senior Year): He didn't play American football in high school!

Composite recruiting rating: He wasn't rated by any of the traditional recruiting services but was listed as the top Australian kicker in the class of 2012 by Chris Sailer kicking

Who Maryland beat: No one and everyone.

High school highlights:

How'd He Get to College Park?

Craddock never played American rules football in high school. Fortunately for Maryland, one of Edsall's former UConn punters told him he should take a look at Brad's kicking ability and strong leg. Despite his lack of experience, Edsall recruited Brad to College Park, where he's developed into one of the Nation's top kickers.

Career Highlight:

Winning the Lou Groza award as the Nation's top kicker last season.

Dream Season:

Craddock once again dominates and doesn't miss a field goal or extra point attempt all season, winning the Groze award in back to back seasons.

2015 Prospectus:

At Big Ten media days, Randy Edsall spoke about how much of a luxury Brad Craddock has become for him as a coach. He referred to him as a crutch at times, because he knows if he trots out his star kicker for a field goal attempt, he's coming back to the sideline with three points on the board.

Craddock has come a long way from a somewhat unknown Australian kicking prospect to the Lou Groza award recipient. He's continued to improve each year and has benefited immensely from working with former Ravens star kicker Matt Stover.

In 2015, Craddock should be able to maintain the same level of success that made him one of the best kickers in college football last season. If he can continue to work on his kickoffs and achieve more touchbacks, he should once again be in the running for the Groza award at the end of the season.

Up Next:

Our next player won't play this season, but he's doing a lot to help Maryland get top talent to College Park.


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