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Profiles in Terpage: Roman Braglio

Finally back in a more natural 4-3 role, is it Braglio's year to shine?

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Roman Braglio, junior (RS), defensive lineman, No. 90


Height: 6'2

Weight: 262

Collegiate stats: 17 tackles (12 solo), six for a loss, 4.5 sacks (in 23 games and two starts)

High school: McDonogh (Owings Mills, Md.)

High school stats (Senior Year): 83 tackles, 16 sacks, two defensive touchdowns

Composite recruiting rating: Three stars (.8485), No. 46 strong-side defensive end, No. 17 player in Maryland

Who Maryland beat: West Virginia

High school highlights:

How'd He Get to College Park?

Braglio was one of the first big commitments for Randy Edsall, pledging to the Terps in March 2011, just two months after the hire. An All-Met, all-state player at McDonogh, he was an All-American heavyweight wrestler in high school and also threw shot put.

After redshirting his first season, Braglio played in 10 games in 2013, mostly at defensive end but also playing some tackle. He recorded six tackles with two sacks that year, setting up a solid 2014 with 11 tackles and 2.5 sacks as a reserve lineman who played in every game.

Career Highlight:

Recovering a fumble against James Madison.

Dream Season:

Braglio adjusts to his new starting role perfectly, helping anchor Maryland's 4-3 defense and improving a beleaguered run defense.

2015 Prospectus:

Back when Roman Braglio was first recruited to Maryland by then defensive line coach Greg Gattuso, Gattuso showed him footage of his 4-3 defense at Pitt, telling Braglio how much of a fit he was for the defense. Maryland ended up running a 3-4, and Braglio was limited to spot time off the bench.

Now, Maryland's back in a 4-3, and Braglio's on top of the depth chart at one of the two defensive end positions. The junior seems well poised for a breakout junior season as defenses have to account for pass-rushing terrors Yannick Ngakoue and Jesse Aniebonam opposite him.

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