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Profiles in Terpage: Andrew Isaacs

Our series continues with Maryland's starting tight end.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Andrew Isaacs, sophomore (RS), tight end, No. 44


Height: 6'2

Weight: 240

Collegiate stats: Two receptions, three yards, two tackles

High school: Manchester (Manchester, Conn.)

High school stats (Senior Year): 32 catches, 445 yards, five touchdowns

Composite recruiting rating: Three stars (.8621), No. 23 tight end, No. 2 player in Connecticut

Who Maryland beat: Boston College, Connecticut

High school highlights:

How'd He Get to College Park?

A two-time all-state and all-conference selection in high school, Isaacs flipped to Maryland from Boston College in August 2012, in part because of Maryland's broadcast journalism program. After playing 11 games as a true freshman in 2013, mostly on special teams, Isaacs won the starting tight end job prior to the 2014 season but suffered a gruesome injury four games in, missing the rest of the year and earning a medical redshirt.

Career Highlight:

Catching his first career pass, against West Virginia.

Dream Season:

Isaacs stays healthy and solid in the starting role for Maryland, proving to be a reliable red-zone threat for the Terrapins' quarterback and catching at least one touchdown pass.

2015 Prospectus:

Isaacs appears to be in good position with the starting tight end job, but it's starting to become a crowded picture at the position. The Terrapins added Avery Edwards this offseason, and already have P.J. Gallo, Derrick Hayward and Andrew Gray on the roster. If Isaacs slips up at all, there's a group of players just waiting for the opportunity to take over.

Finally healthy and with a better passing option at quarterback, Isaacs should play a bigger role in Maryland's offense this season.

Up Next:

Our next player is the all-time leading scorer for his Baltimore County high school.


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