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Maryland football's new Under Armour uniforms called 'ungrabbable'

New ArmourGrid technology uniforms will be worn by Maryland this year along with five other schools.

Under Armour just released their newest technology in the football uniform world and Maryland was the only school that tested it. The result is a series of images that show at least one of the uniforms that the Terps will be wearing this fall. Check out what MarylandPride had to say in their press release earlier today:

"The toughest jersey Under Armour has ever made: stronger, lighter, and virtually ungrabbable.

This incredible new football jersey is built with ArmourGrid technology—the strongest, lightest, most durable fabric in the game. Inspired by the engineering in reinforced concrete, Under Armour created it for one reason: to make you ungrabbable on gameday. Five teams will wear it. Only Maryland tested it.


What this means is this new technology is supposed to make it harder for opponents to grab the jersey, which in turn means that Maryland will harder to stop this year. Or at least harder to tackle. Check out these pics from the release.

Full image of uniform

Close up of newly designed pants and flag helmet

Close up of uniform top with ArmourGrid technology

Back of uniform

What do you all think about the new threads?