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Maryland football: ranking the Under Armour uniforms of the Randy Edsall era

Since the debut of the Maryland Pride uniform in 2011, the Terps have worn a lot of different uniform combinations. We try to rank all of them.

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Rob Carr, Getty Images

When Maryland debuted their "Maryland Pride" uniform on a Labor Day game against Miami during a national TV broadcast on ESPN, the school was officially entering a new era with their official outfitter, Under Armour. Gone were the script "Terps" helmets and somewhat tame red and white uniform combination, replaced with a variety of options focused around the state of Maryland's beloved flag.

Since the 2011 season, Maryland has worn a total of 24 different uniform combinations. At least, I think it's 25. There could definitely be some I've missed, but after going through photos of each game since 2011, 25 was the number I came up with but if you find one I've missed, please tell us in the comments. It was very interesting to go back and see just how many uniforms Maryland has worn over the past four seasons, what ones have remained and how the overall style has evolved into what we saw last season.

In ranking the uniforms, I tried to base it on how "Maryland" the uniform was, meaning if someone saw the uniform, could they easily identify it as Maryland without seeing the letters across the front. Additionally, I considered how well the uniform blended together and whether it became a uniform that was used on a regular basis. And based on all of that, I give you the Testudo Times uniform rankings of the Randy Edsall era.

#25 - Black helmet, white jersey, yellow pants

Maryland used this combination against N.C. State in 2011, which I believe is the only time it made an appearance. While I personally love the all gold basketball uniforms, this combo with the yellow pants and white jersey just didn't seem to mesh well together. Maryland looks too similar to Iowa or even the Steelers for my liking.

Raleigh News and Observer - Getty Images

#24 - Black helmet, black jersey, yellow pants.

Again, I just don't think these three combos blended well together, but at least the shoulders have some red to make the look more Maryland.

Scott Cunningham - Getty Images

#23 - Black helmet, black jersey, red pants

I wasn't a big fan of the jersey used in this combo. I think the shell pattern idea on the shoulders was cool, but I wasn't really a fan of how it look on the shoulder, nor how it looked with the red pants. I really like the helmet, though.
G Fiume - Getty Images

#22 - White "shellmet", white jersey, black pants.

I think many of us tend to forget about the shellmet design, which incorporated shell patterns from a diamondback terrapin onto the helmet. It was super cool and obviously very unique to Maryland, but it wasn't used very often. I think it would pair better with some other uniform combinations, but doesn't go well with the white jersey and black pants pictured here.

G Fiume - Getty Images

#21 - Black helmet, gold jersey, black pants.

I think this could be a good look for Maryland, but would be better if the jersey were modified slightly. Maryland hasn't really used the gold look too often. I think it's harder to pull off in football than it is in basketball and other sports.

Rob Carr - Getty Images

#20 - White flag helmet, white jersey, red pants

The flag down the side of the helmet has grown on me, but I don't like it as much on the white helmet vs. the black helmet.
G. Fiume - Getty Images

#19 - Black helmet, black jersey, black pants

These came out in 2011 against West Virginia and predated the black ops version of the uniform. It's not a bad combo, but I think Under Armour was able to refine this look in the coming years to make it better.

Rob Carr - Getty Images

#18 - Shellmet, white jersey, red pants

Overall, this look blended together pretty well and had that unique Maryland look with the shellmet, but I think there are some better combo and designs that ranked ahead of this one.
Brian A. Westerholt - Getty Images

#17 - Black helmet, red jersey, black pants

I think this is a pretty good look, especially as an everyday home uniform. I've always liked the black matte helmet with the flag pattern going down the middle. It's uniquely Maryland without being too in your face.

G Fiume - Getty images

#16 - black helmet, red jersey, red pants

The black helmet pairs well with the all-red jersey and pants.

Rob Carr - Getty images

#15 - Black flag helmet, red shirt, red pants

Very similar to #16, but I think the helmet makes this version a little better.

#14 - Black version of Maryland Pride uniform

I love the Maryland Pride uniforms, but I think this was my least favorite. I'm not entirely sure why, but I think it's because the helmet and shoulders just really jump out at you when on a black background.

#13 - Black flag helmet, red jersey with pride sleeve, black pants
I really like the standard jersey that was used last season, with the flag pattern on the sleeves. It looks good in red and white and goes well with the flag helmet.

#12 - Black ops from 2014

This is the uniform Maryland wore last season in their blackout game against Michigan State. Love the subtle flag pattern on the helmet and the small bits of gold and red on the uniform.

#11 - White flag helmet, red jersey, white pants

As I said before, this isn't my favorite helmet, but I think it is paired best with the red jersey and white pants.

G. Fiume - Getty Images

#10 - White flag helmet, red jersey with flag shoulders, white pants

Very similar to #11, but with the 2014 version of the jersey, which gives it a slight edge.

#9 - Shellmet, red jersey, white pants

The best pairing of the shellmet, in my humble opinion. With the black and gold stripe, putting this helmet with the red is a nice combination.

G Fiume - Getty Images

#8 - Black flag helmet, white jersey, black pants

A nice, clean looking design but still brings across that Maryland look.

#7 - Black flag helmet, red jersey, black pants

In terms of a standard, non-special uniform, this is one of my favorites. It just looks really good together and might be the best pairing and use of the black flag helmet.

G Fiume - Getty

#6 - Black flag helmet, white jersey with flag shoulders, black pants

Maintains that clean look, but gives that extra bit of Maryland flare with the shoulder flag

#5 - White Ops

Speaking of clean looks, these are one of my favorites. There might be a modified version of this with a slightly different helmet.

G Fiume - Getty Images

#4 - Original Maryland Pride uniforms

These were the ones that started it all. They'll always hold a special place in my heart. I'll never forget the crowd response when they debuted these uniforms against Miami in 2011. If you love Maryland, you love the Maryland flag. And if you love the Maryland flag, you love these uniforms.

Rob Carr - Getty images

#3 - Star-Spangled Uniforms

These are some of my favorite uniforms for a number of reasons. They were created by Under Armour to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Baltimore. They're awesome for a number of reasons, but most notably, they use the outline of Ft. McHenry on the helmets, which just happens to look like a turtle. They also have the lyrics to Francis Scott Key's poem, "In Defense of Ft. McHenry" written throughout the uniform. Just an awesome concept that also looks really cool.

#2 - 2013 version of the Maryland Pride uniform

Remember when these debuted when Maryland played West Virginia at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore? The hand painted helmets, the flag pattern jerseys that were a little less in your face than the original Pride jerseys. It was and remains one of my favorite Maryland uniforms.

#1 White version of new pride uniform

This uniform is my favorite of the bunch. It captures Maryland with the awesome helmet, which I think is the best Maryland helmet, has a clean look with the flag pattern on the shoulder, and Maryland defeated Penn State while wearing them, which gives this uniform the tie breaker over any of the others.
So what do you think? How would you rank these? Am I completely wrong in my rankings or just mostly wrong? Sound off in the comments below.