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Profiles in Terpage: Will Ulmer

The coverted quarterback will have a chance to contribute this season after some unexpected departures at wide receiver.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Will Ulmer, RS Freshman, Wide Reciever, No. 10


Height: 6'0"

Weight: 185 lbs.

Collegiate stats: None yet.

High school: St. John's College High School (Laurel, Maryland)

High school stats (Senior Year): 1,100 passing yards, 1,300 rushing yards, 21 combined touchdowns

Composite recruiting rating: Three stars (0.8747), No. 11 dual-threat quarterback, No. three player in D.C., according to 247 Sports Composite.

Who Maryland beat:Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida State, Arizona.

High school highlights:

How'd He Get to College Park?

Ulmer was one of Terps most sought-after recruits in the class of 2014. At St. John's, he racked up quite the offer sheet, garnering offers from a huge chunk of Big Ten and ACC schools, plus even some PAC-12 schools and one SEC school: Arkansas. He led his school to a 9-2 record as a senior and was named to the Under Armour All-America Game. His first official visit was at Ohio State in November of 2012, but he made several visits to Maryland after, committing to the Terps in April of 2013.

Ulmer came to the Terps as a quarterback, but the idea that he'd transition to wide reciever was always in everyone's minds. Sure enough, the team announced in September, less than a month after he arrived on campus, that Ulmer would be moving to wide receiver. He didn't play at all during his true freshman season, but received a positive evaluation from Randy Edsall during spring practice.

Career Highlight:

Hearing this from Randy Edsall

I think Will brings a different dynamic to the wide receiver position with his speed and then how athletic he is. You can tell that he has worked hard to better himself in terms of knowing his assignments, catching the ball better this spring. It is exciting to have a guy with his ability out there. He is going to put some pressure on people. They are going to have to respect his speed. He can run by people.

Dream Season:

Ulmer takes control of the slot position and uses his blazing speed to create big plays on offense and in the kick return game.

2015 Prospectus:

Ulmer is still working on his fundamentals as a receiver, but his talent is undeniable. He could be a huge weapon on screens and reverses, and his speed makes him a potential home run option. Edsall also might put him next to Will Likely as a kick returner. However, as of last spring he was still working on improving his hands. Until he proves to the coaching staff that he can consistently catch the ball, he may see limited playing time.

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