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Will Saturday's scrimmage decide Maryland's quarterback battle?

Maryland's starting quarterback appears to be either Caleb Rowe or Daxx Garman, but Perry Hills could make a run. Tomorrow's open scrimmage will probably decide the winner.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Maryland Football

Fan Appreciation Day Set for Aug. 22
If you are heading to fan appreciation day tomorrow to catch the open scrimmage, all the info you need is right here.

Maryland Football: Is Daxx Garman Emerging at Quarterback?
Tomorrow's open scrimmage will probably decide who will start the season as Maryland's starting quarterback.

Now on his third Power 5 team, Daxx Garman hopes he's found a home
Garman's travels are well documented, and he just might land a starting job with his new squad.

Terps football team pushes through week of two-a-day practices
Two-a-day in August heat and humidity are grueling, but come with the territory. Edsall also discusses Malik Jones' injury andTy Johnson's speed.

College Football Corner: The Terps’ tough task
A quick read season preview leaves more questions than answers. The way the Terps' schedule looks, answers won't come until the end of September. At least there is time for the team to gel.

Maryland Basketball

Turtle Not-Quite-Primetime to Open NCAAB Season on ESPN
Playing on ESPN instead of the deuce would have been nice, but a 9:00 p.m. start will do wonders for the crowd since they can actually get to the game before tip-off.

Maryland Baseball

Szefc Tosses First Pitch at Orioles Game
Maryland baseball coach John Szefc brought some magic with him too, helping the Birds to a 5-4 walk off win.