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Here’s what an official Maryland football scholarship offer looks like

August 1st marks the first day that Division One schools can officially offer scholarships to recruits from the class of 2016. What exactly does a scholarship letter entail?

As of August 1, D1 coaches can officially send scholarship letters to Class of 2016 recruits and Maryland commit Brian Plummer tweeted a picture of the scholarship letter he received.

If you can't quite read the letter, don't worry. This is what it says:

Dear Brian,

After evaluating numerous athletes from around the country, your exceptional athletic ability, leadership, character, and commitment to academics were highlighted for our coaching staff. Therefore, I am very excited to offer you a full athletic grant-in-aid for football to the University of Maryland. We would be thrilled to have you strengthen our team as you join us in our commitment to winning the Big Ten and National Championships.

Choosing the University of Maryland will enable you to receive an outstanding education at one of the top public institutions in the country. Your degree from the University of Maryland Football Program will enhance your leadership abilities and continue to instill the strong moral fiber needed to be successful in all areas throughout your life.

This offer comes as a testament to our belief in you as a person of exceptional athletic skill and strong personal character. The coaching staff and I spend an enormous amount of time and research extending offers to prospective student-athletes as NCAA Rule limits football programs to 85 scholarships annually. Consequently, this offer is contingent upon your meeting the University of Maryland and NCAA academic criteria, and you must continue to represent your family, your school, and yourself in a responsible manner. Also, you must continue to do all of the things expected of you by your high school coach throughout your senior year. Failure to comply with any of the above will result in the removal of your offer of grant-in-aid to the University of Maryland.

  • In accordance with the NCAA, our scholarship, like all Division I scholarships, constitutes the following:
  • Rule 15.02.5 A full grant-in-aid is financial aid that consists of tuition and fees, room and board, required course-related books, and other expenses related to the attendance of the institution up to the cost of attendance established pursuant to Bylaws 15.02.2 and
  • Rule 15.02.7 An athletic grant-in-aid is for the period of your enrollment at the University of Maryland.

In addition, our scholarship also includes full cost of attendance and the "Maryland Way Guarantee". If you still have degree requirements for graduation remaining at the conclusion of your 4 year aid agreement, leave the University for emergency, personal or family reasons, or you turn profession prior to graduating, the University of Maryland will continue your aid through graduation according to prescribed conditions.

We are excited about what we are doing here and I know what our program will accomplish as we carry out our mission here at the University of Maryland. We will do our part to give you all of the support you will need to succeed as an athlete, as a student, and as a person. I look forward to developing a close relationship with you and your family, and if you have any questions about the University of Maryland, please give me a call any time at (301) 314-2555. It will be great to hear from you.


Randy Edsall
Head Football Coach

Maryland's scholarship letter is pretty tame compared to other school's. Check out these examples from other school's on SB Nation's College Football site.