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Profiles in Terpage: Adam McLean

Adam McLean flipped his commitment from Penn State to Maryland and is a vital part of recruiting for "The Movement".

Student Sports Photos

Adam McLean, freshman, defensive tackle, No.91


Height: 6'1

Weight: 315 lbs

High school: Quince Orchard High School (Gaithersburg, Md)

High school stats (Senior Year): 47 tackles, 10 tackles for loss and seven sacks

Composite recruiting rating: Four stars, .9419, No. 14 defensive tackle, No. 2 player in Maryland

Who Maryland beat: Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Ohio State, Penn State

High school highlights:

How'd He Get to College Park?

McLean was a two-time consensus all-state athlete, Under Armour All-American and named first-team All-Met by The Washington Post in 2013 as a Quince Orchard High School standout. He originally committed to Penn State his junior year but had second thoughts after having a full summer and another football season to think about it.

According to former TT contributor David B. Wilson, for McLean, playing for your hometown has a different meaning than playing elsewhere:

"It’s different when you play for your hometown team now that I realize," McLean said. "It runs a little more deep in your blood. I finally understand that." McLean's former defensive line coach Michael Sarni gave his thoughts on McLean's commitment process, "It just wasn’t for him. He still had things in the back  of his mind that weren’t answered, one being playing in front of his home state. Maryland was always something that intrigued him."

After flipping his commitment, McLean felt like that decision gave him the opportunity to recruit other players.

"It’s definitely helped me out and made me into a recruiter. But I think that’s pretty much every recruit that’s committed to a school. We are the best recruiters," McLean said. "A lot of recruits know that I’m not going to shoot them any bull just to get them to come to school where I’m going to school. I’m going to tell them 100 percent the truth."

He is confident in his ability to lead the "The Movement.":

"I knew that I had the power to get other guys interested, even though I committed a little bit later in the recruiting process," McLean said. ".. .Everyone wants to be a part now, everyone wants to help re-establish the program."

Career Highlight:

Flipping his commitment to become a Maryland Terrapin.

Dream Season:

He will most likely redshirt while he continues his recovery from an ACL injury in hopes of being ready to have a productive 2016 season.

2015 Prospectus:

McLean is unlikely to play this season but his time will come. He's a much better fit in a 4-3 than he would have been in a 3-4, and as one of Maryland's most talented players on the defensive side of the ball, you can expect him to make an impact in the near future. Starting defensive tackle Quinton Jefferson has two more years in College Park, but McLean's a pretty solid bet to start opposite him in 2017 (unless he can beat out Kingsley Opara/David Shaw in 2016). For now, the focus is on getting him healthy again.

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