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Randy Edsall's Big Ten Media Day quotes: Daxx Garman eligible, beating Penn State is good

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Day one of Big Ten Media Day is underway and head football coach Randy Edsall just took to the mic to discuss a number of things leading up to the Terrapins first game on September 5th.

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Maryland football coach Randy Edsall just spoke to the press at Big Ten Media Day in Chicago about Maryland's upcoming football season. He talked about a number of topics from the defense, to the quarterback situation, to the leadership of Brad Craddock. Check out some of his thoughts below.


Edsall was asked about switching up the defensive scheme from a 3-4 to a 4-3, as well as how the Terps gave up 30 points or more, seven times last season. He said how the make up of the roster this season drove that decision.

"We want to be able to attack downhill more than we were before."

On Will Likely:

"He is one of those rare and unique young men. He may be 5'8" but he plays like he's 6'4". His leadership and his work ethic really rub off on everybody in our program."

Quarterback Position

He mentioned that they found out two days ago that Daxx Garman is officially eligible after clearing the final waver necessary from the NCAA to play. He said that Garman will challenge Caleb Rowe and Perry Hills at the quarterback position and had good things to say about Garman.

"Daxx is very smart, very cerebral. He throws a very catchable ball. Coming from Oklahoma Sate, he has won at a high level and has come in and adapted very well."

"We have three guys who have won games in a Power 5 conference and it will be neat to see the competition unfold in the preseason."

DMV2UMD Movement

"The one thing I think that has helped out recruiting is by being in the B1G. The exposure that comes with it. It has resonated with folks in the DMV area."

"I always knew that the DMV area was very talented. When I was at Connecticut we recruited that area extensively. If you can keep kids in your region at home, that are what you are looking for, the better off you are."

"They are excited about where they are from; doing something for their home state and home area. Some of the men we are recruiting have really taken that to another level for us. The more you can have your recruits recruiting other recruits, the better off you are. We're fortunate for where we are located being 8 miles from the nation's capital. Helping set their life up for after football."

Potential Rivalry with Penn State

When asked about the momentum the Terps were able to build on after beating Penn State in Happy Valley, Coach Edsall had a lot to say.

"To be able to beat them in Happy Valley for the first time since 1961, showed kids in our area we can compete with them and we can win, and I think high school kids look at that."

"They [Penn State] have the niche to come down to this area and take kids [recruits] back up with them, so we knew we had to beat them on the field."

"The proximity between the two schools, you hope that you can develop things into a rivalry. But we have to beat them on the field in order to establish a rivalry, just like any team in the B1G."

Brad Craddock

Edsall's press conference ended with him giving extremely high praise to Craddock, talking about his leadership on the team.

"It's great to have him obviously but he can also be a crutch for the coaches. It gets you thinking sometimes about those two and three yard situations because you have Mr. Automatic on the sidelines."

"The best leader that we have on our football team is Brad Craddock."

"In 17 years I haven't had the leadership as I do on this team and that's because of Brad Craddock and what he's done. One time, Yannik Ngakwe went and spent 3 hours and gained knowledge from Brad and he went and spread amongst everyone else."

"He is a special person."

Edsall also mentioned how the Big Ten was was a lineman league, something that they learned last year:

"We found out it was really a lineman league. You really have to win in the trenches week in and week out, year in and  year out."