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Maryland football's first 2015 depth chart includes a 3-way battle at QB

Perry Hills in the mix!

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Randy Edsall and Maryland went through all of spring practice without so much as a depth chart for us to get through the offseason on. Fret not, folks. It has arrived, via Roman Stubbs. That photo can be a bit hard to read, however, so here it is broken down by unit.

Offensive backs:

Caleb Rowe Wes Brown Kenneth Goins, Jr.
Perry Hills Brandon Ross Andrew Stefanelli
Daxx Garman Joe Riddle Shane Cockerille
Gage Shaffer Ty Johnson Tehuti Miles
Marcus Smith

As expected, Wes Brown and Brandon Ross are competing for the starting running back job. Also expected, Kenneth Goins has a firm hold on the fullback position.

What is a surprise is Perry Hills's presence as part of the quarterback job hunt. It was widely expected to be between Caleb Rowe and Daxx Garman (and the smart money's still on one of those two), but Edsall would like this to be an open competition between the three and said as much Thursday on local radio.

Receivers and tight ends:

Amba Etta-Tawo Levern Jacobs Malcolm Culmer Andrew Isaacs
D.J. Moore DeAndre Lane Taivon Jacobs P.J. Gallo
Michael Cornwell Jahrvis Davenport Will Ulmer Derrick Hawyard
Zac Morton Eric Roca
Andrew Gray
Avery Edwards

Only one real surprise here -- Taivon Jacobs battling for a starting job with Malcolm Culmer.

Offensive line:

Michael Dunn Ryan Doyle Evan Mulrooney Andrew Zeller Damian Prince
Derwin Gray Mike Minter Brendan Moore Stephen Grommer JaJuan Dulaney
Banks Agaruwa Sean Christie Joe Marchese Maurice Shelton EJ Donahue
Will McClain Tyler Smith Ellis McKennie Mason Zimmerman

Derwin Gray is still recovering from a torn labrum injury and may not return until September, but here's your first look at Maryland's new offensive line. Looks ... kind of similar to the old one, with the exciting exception of a five-star right tackle.

Defensive line:

Roman Braglio David Shaw Quinton Jefferson Yannick Ngakoue
Brett Kulka Kingsley Opara Malik Jones Jesse Aniebonam
Cavon Walker Azubuike Ukandu Ty Tucker Chandler Burkett
Mbi Tanyi Keiron Howard Oseh Saine Ruben Franco
Adam McLean

The 4-3 defense is here! Maryland will operate with one nose and one tackle, as expected, with returning starter David Shaw and former Florida prospect Kingsley Opara competing for the bigger of the two positions. Quinton Jefferson kicks inside to tackle, as expected, with a nasty outside duo of Yannick Ngakoue and Roman Braglio (with Jesse Aniebonam coming off the bench).


Jalen Brooks Jermaine Carter Abner Logan
Jefferson Ashiru Tyler Burke Brock Dean
Avery Thompson Matt Gillespie Gus Little
Nnamdi Egbuaba Isaiah Davis Brett Zanotto

UConn transfer Jefferson Ashiru is competing with Jalen Brooks for the last starting linebacker spots, as the other two have been locked up as expected by Jermaine Carter and Abner Logan.

Defensive backs:

Sean Davis Anthony Nixon A.J. Hendy William Likely
Jarrett Ross Denzel Conyers Josh Woods Alvin Hill
Daniel Ezeagwu Elvis Dennah J.T. Ventura Antwaine Carter
Milan Collins Milan Barry-Pollock Darnell Savage

Probably Maryland's strongest unit, that's a fun group of starters.

Special teams:

Brad Craddock Nicolas Pritchard Nate Adams William Likely William Likely
Adam Greene Nicholas Rubinowicz Christian Carpenter DeAndre Lane Taivon Jacobs
Lee Shrader Matt Oliveira

Three-way punter battle! Two-way long snapper competition! Will Likely returning kicks and punts! It's almost football season, y'all.