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Profiles in Terpage: Andrew Gray

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The three star Ohio tight end commit has the tools to help the Terps get their running game going.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Andrew Gray, freshman (RS), tight end, No. 86


Height: 6'2

Weight: 230 lbs

Collegiate Stats: N/A

High school: Chardon High School (Chardon, Ohio)

High school stats (Senior Year): 12 catches, for just under 200 yards

Composite recruiting rating: Three stars, .8050, No. 71 tight end, No. 96 best player in Ohio

Who Maryland beat: Ball State, Buffalo, Bowling Green, Louisville, Ohio, Toledo and Wisconsin

High school highlights:

How'd he get to College Park?

As a blocker, he helped the Chardon Hilltoppers chew up defenses with their rushing attack, helping the team run for 3,815 yards and 44 touchdowns during his junior campaign. He became a second team Associated Press Division III All-Ohio Football Team selection in 2013, a first team Northeast Lakes Division III All-District honoree and an academic all-conference in 2013 as well.

In addition to those accolades, he was a All-Star Honorable Mention, earned first-team all-league honors and also played three seasons of varsity hoops and earned all-state honors in 2012.

The Washington Post's Alex Prewitt wrote a piece on Gray, and his high school football coach Mitch Hewitt gave some insight into Gray's physical nature on the gridiron:

"He has a nasty disposition," Hewitt said Tuesday by telephone. "He’s got something that you cannot coach. It’s innately in someone, and it’s a nastiness."

"A kid has to play a controlled game, but at the same time there’s not a coach in America who doesn’t like a nasty player. I don’t mean nasty as in dirty. I mean a kid who wants to finish a block, put someone on their back. Everyone develops over time, but I think there’s something innate about it. Andrew’s character trait is that he plays really, really hard."

His freshman year (2014), he redshirted and saw no game action.

Career Highlight:

Earning special teams scout team player of the week honors in practice for the Syracuse game.

Dream Season:

Seeing playing time as a redshirt freshman and being involved in some key blocks.

2015 Prospectus:

Maryland had a crowded tight end field before the Terps added Avery Edwards to the fold. Gray is ahead of Edwards on the depth chart for now, but he's fifth total, behind Andrew Isaacs, P.J. Gallo, Derrick Hayward and Eric Roca. His impact in College Park will likely come later in his career.

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