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Maryland Minute 7.3.15 - Independence Day (early) Edition

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John Szefc gets a contract extension, and Trevon Diggs will take more time to consider options.

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Maryland Football

Maryland target Trevon Diggs reportedly no longer announcing decision July 4
Not much more to say on this piece of news.  Whether it turns out to be good or bad for the Terps remains to be seen.

Maryland Football: Trevon Diggs is a Must-Have Prospect
Whether Diggs plays wide receiver or defensive back, Terp fans want to see him in a Maryland uniform

Maryland Baseball

Maryland baseball coach John Szefc inks five-year contract extension
The terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but Maryland fans can breath easier knowing this extension is in place.  Szefc was a candidate for the Clemson job earlier this summer.

Summer Ball June Recap
The Maryland Baseball Network has updates on every Terp participating in a summer league.


Bo Ryan's Departure Marks the End of an Era in College Basketball
Ryan's 40+ year career is certainly hall of fame worthy, and it will be tough for Wisconsin to maintain the same level of excellence going forward.

What Would College Football Conferences Be Without Gerrymandering?
College and Magnolia, SB Nation's Auburn site, divided the country up into sixteen 8-team conferences to compare geographic conferences with the current alignment of college football.  The results make for interesting reading on a Friday morning.

On behalf of the Testudo Times staff, have a safe and fun 4th of July!