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Melo Trimble talks Pan-Am games and the upcoming Maryland season

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Your daily roundup of Maryland news and notes.

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Maryland Basketball:

Trimble Talks Pan-Am Experience, Expectations for Upcoming Year
On his experience in the Pan-Am games..."It was a great experience. I got to work out with some of the veteran guys that have been in the [NBA] and also overseas. I took a lot of things from them and learned. I think that going out there has taught me a lot and I can bring it back to the University of Maryland."

Summer Workouts are Done and the Terps are Dancing for Joy
Many Terps are pretty excited that summer workouts are over, but I think they are more excited that they got to meet Steve Blake. Pete also covered this in a Fanshot here.

Nichols' transfer latest example of U.Va. basketball's recruiting civility - Daily Press

Virginia has built a pretty strong program of late under Tony Bennett. One key contributor to their success was Justin Anderson, who was all set to play hoops at Maryland until the retirement of Gary Williams.

Maryland Football:

Maryland picked in bottom half of unofficial 2015 Big Ten poll | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
This is not really news to most of you I am sure, but Maryland is again predicted to be pretty mediocre on the gridiron. It would take a pretty optimistic fan to find more than 6 to 7 wins on the Terps schedule this year I am afraid.

College Football:

College athletes are about to get paid, and the NCAA is fighting it -

Soon schools could offer potential recruits up to 5,000 dollars in 'deferred compensation' starting as early as 2016. Could Maryland afford to survive in a college football world in which players are allowed to be paid, a world in which they already struggle to find consistent success. Unsurprising to most sports fans the NCAA thinks this new policy would "irreparably harm" all schools.

Why Oregon is still the favorite in an improving Pac-12, even without Mariota -
Bill Connelly continues his college football countdown with the Oregon Ducks. Even with a new quarterback, the Ducks are still predicted to have a pretty strong season, and maybe even be better than our beloved Terps...maybe.