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Profiles in Terpage: Quarvez Boulware

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Our series continues with one of Maryland football's biggest gets in the 2015 recruiting class.

Student Sports Photos

Quarvez Boulware, freshman, guard, No. 53


Height: 6'2

Weight: 304

High School: Friendship Collegiate Academy (Washington, D.C.)

Composite Recruiting Ranking: Four stars, .9039, No. 18 guard, No. 3 player in Washington D.C.

Who Maryland Beat: Florida, Auburn, Clemson, Florida State, Wake Forest

High School Highlights:

How'd He Get to College Park?

A consensus four-star recruit who was an All-Met player at Friendship, Boulware was one of the biggest coups for Maryland in the 2015 recruiting class. He joins Damian Prince and Derwin Gray as recent blue-chip local offensive line prospects to stay home.

Career Highlight:

Announcing his commitment to Maryland.

Dream Season:

Seeing playing time his freshman season, setting up a chance for a potential starting job in 2016.

2015 Prospectus:

As we've covered previously in this series, Andrew Zeller appears to have one of the starting guard jobs on lock, with the other relatively open. Boulware technically has a shot at it, but Ryan Doyle, Damian Prince and Evan Mulrooney (if the latter two don't end up winning jobs at tackle and center, respectively) appear to be the front-runners for the position. Boulware has a promising future with Maryland, but don't be surprised if Randy Edsall redshirts another blue-chip lineman.

Up Next:

Our next player attended the same high school as a recent Maryland decommitment who ended up at a school with an academic scandal.


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