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Profiles in Terpage: Isaiah Davis

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Isaiah Davis is a three-star linebacker with a brother who has already made a name for himself as a Terp on defense.

Student Sports Photos

Isaiah Davis, freshman, inside linebacker, No. 22


Height: 6'1

Weight: 210 lbs

High School Stats (Senior Year)
: Rushed for 1,206 yards and 11 touchdowns

High School: St. Stephen's & St. Agnes (Alexandria, Va.)

Composite Recruiting Ranking: Three stars (.8215). No. 123 Athlete, No. 47 player in Washington, D.C.

Who Maryland Beat: Boston College, N.C. State, Virginia Tech

High School Highlights:

How'd He Get to College Park?

Isaiah Davis is the younger brother of Maryland defensive back Sean Davis. The elder Davis decided to forgo the NFL Draft to play football with his brother. At St.Stephen's & St. Agnes, Isaiah played football and wrestled. He had a seventh-place finish at states on the mat as a junior and his accolades on the football field were even more impressive. He was named All-Interstate Athletic Conference as a junior and senior and first team all-state and team captain as senior.

Career Highlight:

Signing with Maryland and being able to play with his brother.

Dream Season:

A breakout season on special teams.

2015 prospectus:

Davis is listed as an inside linebacker on Maryland's website, a position also occupied by Jermaine Carter Jr., Brock Dean and Tyler Burke. It's unlikely Davis sees too much playing time there this season, but he's a talented athlete who has a good shot of playing on special teams as a true freshman.

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