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Maryland Minute 7.24.15 - Hyping Diamond Stone

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Maryland's star recruit gets high praise, and Melo Trimble acclimates to international basketball.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland Basketball

Creating the Hype for Maryland's Diamond Stone
As if Maryland fans were not already giddy with glee, this commentary drives home the point.  Maryland may or may not win championships next season, but being nationally relevant again is a wonderful thing, and Mr. Stone is responsible for a lot of that relevance.

Melo Trimble turns in solid performance
Trimble is not playing a ton of minutes, which should leave him nice and rested for November basketball.  Also, learning a new style of basketball should keep his game fresh and unpredictable in his sophomore season.

Jaylen Brantley faces learning curve at Terps basketball summer workouts
Another take on Brantley's acclimation process in College Park.

Big Ten

Big Ten Expansion Would Most Likely Doom ACC, Big 12 Or Even Both
Big Ten expansion seems like a long shot given that every major conference has grant of rights (except the SEC).  Still, it's fun to speculate at the implosion that could occur in the ACC.