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Profiles in Terpage: Ryan Doyle

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Our series continues with a senior lineman looking to make one final impact on the season.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Doyle, senior (RS), offensive guard, No. 55


Height: 6'4

Weight: 307

Collegiate stats: 23 starts

High school: Wake Forest-Rolesville (Wake Forest, N.C.)

High school stats (Senior Year): N/A

Composite recruiting rating: Three stars (.8257), No. 98 offensive tackle, No. 42 player in North Carolina

Who Maryland beat: N/A

High school highlights:

How'd He Get to College Park?

Doyle's been with the program for a while -- he committed in April 2010, and was recruited by then-offensive line coach Tom Brattan and then-wide receiver coach Lee Hull. Brattan's now with Illinois, while Hull is the head coach at Morgan State, but 5 years and 23 starts later, Doyle remains with the Terrapins.

A dominant left tackle at Wake Forest-Rolesville, Doyle helped lead his team to an appearance in the state finals his senior year. After redshirting his first year on campus, Doyle was a reserve as a redshirt freshman, playing in just one game. He won the starting right tackle job out of camp heading into 2013, beating senior Nick Klemm for the spot. After the departure of Mike Madaras, Doyle moved back over to left tackle to start the final four games of the season, but moved back to right tackle in 2014 with 10 starts.

Career Highlight:

Winning two different starting tackle jobs.

Dream Season:

Doyle beats out Evan Mulrooney and Damian Prince for a starting guard job, pulling a Jake Wheeler and coming on strong in his senior year.

2015 Prospectus:

Despite his frequent play in College Park, Ryan Doyle has had his struggles at the tackle position, especially when faced with elite Big Ten defensive linemen. Randy Edsall elected to move him to guard this season, giving Doyle and opportunity to revive his career in his final season with the Terrapins. Andrew Zeller has a starting guard spot locked down, but the other one is kind of in the open -- Mulrooney and Doyle seem like the most likely candidates, but the odd man out in the tackle race (likely Damian Prince) could also play a role. Doyle has the other two beat on experience, and if his transition to guard goes smoothly, we could see a lot of him in his last year.

Up Next:

Our next player attended the same New Jersey high school as a 2010 defensive signee who was never able to find a true position with the Terps.


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