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Maryland Minute 7-17-2015: Walker-Kimbrough and Team USA start Pan Am Games campaign

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Team USA took on Brazil last night in their first Pan Am Games contest.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland Women's Basketball

Walker-Kimbrough Set for Pan Am Games in Toronto
Melo Trimble is not the only Terp representing the USA in the Pan Am games.  Walker-Kimbrough and co. took on Brazil last night in their first contest.

Maryland Basketball

Maryland Terrapins Release 2015-16 Non-Conference Schedule
Compared with last year, Maryland's non-conference schedule is light years better.  The question that remains open is whether this schedule is tough enough for a likely preseason top 5 team.

Top Five Power Forwards in Maryland Basketball History
Selecting Maryland's best point guard was tough, but the power forward position is an embarrassment of riches.  Although he was not the best in program history, my favorite will always be Terence Morris - the first Terp jersey I ever owned as a kid.

Maryland Football

Top 5 most important players for Maryland football
This article takes a look at Maryland's 2015 roster and picks the five most important players for next season.  Personally, I would swap number one with number two.  Follow the link to see if you agree.

The Emperor 'Most Influential Man" in College Sports... and 'will only gain more power'
This article is a little old, but still highly relevant.  With TV negotiations coming up for the Big Ten, having the most influential man in college sports as your commissioner is a wonderful thing.  Terp fans will also be pleased with the selection at number 22 on the list.