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Maryland Minute 7.10.15 - Is Dwayne Haskins taking an official visit to Florida?

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Haskins could be taking an official visit to Florida; Trimble finding success at Pan Am tryouts

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Maryland Football

Committed QB plans to use official visit at Florids ($)
It's not quite as drastic as the headline appears, as Dwayne Haskins implies this plan is only in case Randy Edsall gets fired. I'll try and catch up with the quarterback to clarify today in Oregon. -- Pete

B1G 2015 // Randy Edsall's Contract Extension: What does it mean?
If you have been following Maryland week at Off Tackle Empire you know it has been...interesting; head on over and join the discussion.  If you have been banned from OTE, have fun commiserating in the comments!

Maryland Basketball

Trimble Named Finalist for U.S. Pan Am Team
The final 12 man roster will be announced Sunday.  Trimble is performing well, and hopefully will make the roster and gain valuable playing experience at the international level.

St. John’s guard Anthony Cowan Jr. works to reach the head of basketball’s elite class
The Maryland commit has been burning up the camp circuit so far this summer.  The consensus appears to be that the Terps got a steal when Cowan was under the radar, and he will only continue to rise in the recruiting rankings.

Top Five Point Guards in Maryland Basketball History
What better way to pass the time in the off season than arguing over all time great players in Maryland basketball history?  I'm a little biased but I would vote for Steve Blake.