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Maryland Minute 7.1.15: Robert Carter, The Key to Maryland's Success?

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A look at Robert Carter's impact on the success of the Maryland Men's basketball team in the upcoming season. Randy Edsall is going to be our coach for a little longer and more.

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Bill Connelly's 128 Team College Football Countdown:

If Iowa State football has any underdog magic left, now's the time -
Paul Rhodes and the Iowa State Cyclone's look to maintain their role as the underdog as the continue to pursue meaningful victories in the upcoming season. If anything is on their side, it's karma.

Maryland Football:

Big Ten Blog - ESPN Edsall puts his faith in progress with new contract extension.

Everyone is already fully aware that University of Maryland head football coach has signed a contract extension that could potentially keep him on the sidelines at Byrd Stadium through 2019. However, the pressure is still  not entirely off the shoulders of Mr. Edsall. Although the contract is worth 7.5 million dollars, after Jan.1, 2017 only $500,000 is guaranteed. If Edsall should be fired in 2017 or 2018 the University would only owe him $500,000, and after 2018 they would owe him nothing at all.

BREAKING: Maryland Extends Randy Edsall's Contract Through 2019
You may have already seen this here, but it's certainly a fun quote. "I'm extremely proud of the work my players and staff have put in to making our program what it is today," said Edsall. "It is rewarding for me that Kevin Anderson and Dr. Wallace Loh have recognized this process in getting the program headed in the right direction."

Maryland Basketball:

Robert Carter Jr. could be a factor in Maryland basketball’s NCAA title hopes - The Washington Post

Robert Carter has improved his physical and mental skills during his transfer season. His intensely competitive nature and his unwillingness to lose potentially give carter the "potential to be a Cornerstone for a team that many expect to reach the Final Four next season." Byron Mouton anyone?

Maryland Baseball:

Odds & Ends: June 30, 2015 | Maryland Baseball Network
Final Terp draft class member Brandon Lowe signs with the Rays, meaning all eight Terrapin draft picks have now signed. Coach John Szefc is staying for his fourth year and other Maryland Terrapins baseball news from the past few days.