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Maryland's Randy Edsall extension is a good idea, no matter what you think of Randy Edsall

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Maryland secured its immediate future while maintaining long-term flexibility.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

News broke Tuesday that Maryland football coach Randy Edsall,  with a 20-30 record and a 0-2 bowl record at the school, has received a three-year contract extension and a raise. I'm here to tell you that's good news, regardless what you think of the head coach.

First, the details. Edsall is now under contract through 2019 (previously, his contract was done after the 2016 season). He'll still make the original $2.1 million for each of the next two seasons, with a raise of nearly $400,000 annually starting with the 2017 season.

There are also a litany of on-field performance bonuses, including:

  • Making a bowl game ($25,000)
  • Winning a bowl game ($25,000)
  • Winning Big Ten Coach of the Year ($25,000)
  • Making the Big Ten Championship Game ($50,000)
  • Being named national coach of the year ($50,000)
  • Making the College Football Playoff ($100,000)
  • Winning a national championship ($250,000)

The biggest, most friendly detail, however? The buyout. Yes, Kevin Anderson finally inserted a buyout into a major coaching contract, putting the Terrapins in a significantly better long-term situation. More on that in a moment.

For starters, program stability is the No. 1 most important thing for sustainable recruiting success. If a coach only has one or two years remaining on his deal, rival coaches will prey on that and often hint (or straight up tell) recruits that they'll be playing for a different coach when they finally get to play college ball.

With his contract situation as it stood and a 2016 class topped by four-star QB Dwayne Haskins, Maryland had to either fire Edsall (a ship that passed back in January) or extend him. Since we knew he was going to be sticking around, the only thing left to find out about was the buyout.

Previously, if Maryland wanted to fire Edsall, the school would have had to pay the remainder of his contract. For example, that would have cost the school around $4.2 million this offseason, as he had two years of $2.1 million annual deal remaining. That 's not ideal for an athletic department still dealing with budget problems.

Here's the new buyout, from the Baltimore Sun:

The amendment, however, contains a $500,000 buyout should the university decide between Jan. 16, 2017 and Jan. 15, 2018 that it's in its "best interest" to make a coaching change. If Edsall is fired between Jan. 16, 2018 and Dec. 31, 2019, the university would not owe him any money.

That's much better! Maryland is still basically locked in for the next two years (not new news), but now Edsall can easily sway recruits' concerns about his future with the program, while Maryland can easily get out of the contract if fears become realized and everything goes bottom up. Nicely done, everybody!