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Thank you, Testudo Times

As I write perhaps my final story for Testudo Times, I want to thank Pete Volk, Dave Tucker and particularly the TT community for your encouragement and support.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The sharp eyed among you may have noticed that the quantity (but I hope not the quality) of material I have contributed to the wonderful Testudo Times community has diminished over the past few months. In part, this has simply been the result of the natural flow of the athletic season as it wound down. In part, it came about from my decision to become a principal contributor about Maryland athletics on I hoped that my presence there and occasional appearances on the eponymous radio show might provide one more avenue to expand people's interest in the Terps in general and more specifically in those usually underreported sports about which I am most passionate.

When I chose to take this step, I was comfortable in the expectation that many of the sports I had, in the beginning covered on my own, would continue to receive outstanding coverage. Pete and Dave had engaged a very capable corps of writers in folks like Andrew, Jake and Noah and I continue to have every confidence and conviction that they will carry on admirably.

It's with some personal regret that a sequence of recent events have prompted me to rethink my relationship with Maryland's athletic department. Consequently, I have decided to take a hiatus from writing any articles about Maryland athletics for both Testudo Times and Terp Talk.

I unabashedly enjoy the banter and camaraderie manifest on this site and will continue to actively engage in that repartee by commenting on various stories (or other comments) that spark a reaction. However, at this time, I cannot say when (or even if) I will return to writing either feature stories or game recaps for either site.

To those few among you whom I've had the pleasure of meeting personally and to those I've only had the chance to meet through the comments, I appreciate your support and encouragement over the past few years far beyond any mere expression of thanks. Your kind words have often been a significant impetus in trying to provide you the best of myself through my writing.