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Maryland basketball recruiting: Terps commit Anthony Cowan talks about NBAPA

The Terps commit has been doing a lot of things at the NBAPA Top 100 camp, including talking to other players about coming to play with him at Maryland.


Ed. Note: Earlier, this story claimed Cowan gave these quotes to Testudo Times. Testudo Times was at the event, but the quotes were given in a group environment, to questions asked by Scott Greene and Pat Donohue of Terrapin Sports Report. This story has been updated to reflect this.

2016 Terps commit Anthony Cowan has been playing well so far at the NBAPA Top 100 camp doing the usual -- getting his teammates involved, getting to the free throw line and making beautiful plays on the break. Scoring the ball for Cowan comes easy when he is attacking, but the one thing he has been trying to work on as much as possible is shooting the ball more on a consistent basis.

"[There] is a shooting coach here, so everyday, I have been just working with him,"  Cowan said in an interview Friday at the camp.

Cowan previously played at the Maryland team camp, which he said was really exciting, as he was able to play in front of his future college coach.  Cowan's school, St. John's College high school, won the championship at the camp, defeating DeMatha Catholic.

"It was a good experience for me, just for the whole team to be there," he said. "For me to meet new guys and already have a great relationship with the guys there. It was great for me, and obviously to win it in front of my next head coach and win it on my new floor, so it was a big moment for me."

Cowan said that among Maryland's current team, the person that he has the closest relationship with is Melo Trimble, who played in the same high school conference as Cowan. The two played twice a year and sometimes more frequently depending on the seeding in the playoffs. He also talks to the other players on team.

"I just talk to Melo Trimble and Dion Wiley, that's an everyday thing right now. To meet Rasheed Sulaimon, Jaylen Brantley and Diamond Stone, it was just a good moment to see who I will be playing with and making sure we already having a strong bond off the court," said Cowan.

Cowan plans to continue working on his overall game following the conclusion of the NBAPA camp. He wants to get faster, stronger, and participate in a couple additional camps before he finished finish up with his AAU team ahead of the start of the high school season.

During the camp, Cowan has been trying to recruit several kids to Maryland and join him in College Park. Some of his friends are at the camp, including 2016 five-star guard Markelle Fultz, 2016 four-star guard Curtis Jones, and 2017 five-star guard DJ Harvey, who all played in the same conference, although Jones is now at Huntington Prep. The first question he asked kids here with Maryland offers and interest is " What's your impression of the Terps?", Cowan said. He is not pressuring anyone, but is trying to determine who could commit from the 2016  and 2017 class to play along with him in the future.

Cowan has the tools to be as good as he wants to be, but throughout the summer he will need to work on building up his strength, something that is currently affecting his defense as bigger players are taking advantage of his lack of size. But despite all of that, he has been playing well at the camp so far.