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Meet the Maryland All-Randy Edsall team

The best of the best from the first four years of the Edsall era in College Park.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

After some delay, I went through your voting, and now it's time for the results. Ladies and gentlemen, your All-Randy Edsall Maryland football team, voted on by readers of Testudo Times trying to find the best Maryland players from 2011-14.

I've included any runners-up that received at least 10% of the vote. For more on the voting and stats for the individual players, check out the hub page for this project.

Quarterback: C.J. Brown (53%)

Runners-up: Shawn Petty (15%), Caleb Rowe (14%), Danny O'Brien (13%)

Running back: Davin Meggett (37%)

Runners-up: Brandon Ross (36%), Wes Brown (27%)

Fullback: Kenneth Goins, Jr. (93%)

Tight end: Matt Furstenburg (93%)

Wide receivers: Stefon Diggs (89%), Deon Long (48%*), Kevin Dorsey (26%*)

Runners-up: Marcus Leak (13%*)

*Diggs dominated the first round of voting. The other three numbers are from a run-off vote.

Offensive tackles: Michael Dunn (39%) and Max Garcia (23%)

Runners-up: Jake Wheeler (14%)

Offensive guards: Andrew Zeller (75%) and De'Onte Arnett (10%)

Center: Sal Conaboy (91%)

Defensive ends: Andre Monroe (75%) and A.J. Francis (18%)

Nose tackle: Joe Vellano (85%)

Runners-up: Darius Kilgo (15%)

SAM linebacker: Matt Robinson (41%)

Runners-up: Kenny Tate (29%) and Alex Twine (27%)

WILL linebacker: Yannick Ngakoue (36%)

Runners-up: Darin Drakeford (30%), Marcus Whitfield (24%), Yannik Cudjoe-Virgil (10%)

Inside linebackers: Demetrius Hartsfield (54%) and Cole Farrand (38%)

Cornerbacks: Will Likely (72%) and Dexter McDougle (23%)

Safeties: Sean Davis (77%) and Anthony Nixon (41%*)

Runners-up: A.J. Hendy (34%*) and Eric Franklin (25%*)

*Like with wide receiver, a run-off vote was held for the safety position.

Kicker: Brad Craddock (95%)

Punter: Nate Renfro (88%)

Runners-up: Nick Ferrara (12%)

Kick returner/punt returner: Will Likely (68%)

Runners-up: Stefon Diggs (27%)