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Mark Turgeon, Rasheed Sulaimon comment on former Duke player's commitment to Maryland

Early reaction from the parties involved in Rasheed Sulaimon's commitment to the Terrapins.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Maryland men's basketball program announced Monday afternoon that Rasheed Sulaimon, the onetime Duke Blue Devil, has committed to the Terrapins for his final year of eligibility, next season.

The Diamondback's Aaron Kasinitz, who's been on this story for awhile, has more from Sulaimon and Maryland coach Mark Turgeon.

Via Kasinitz, here's Turgeon. He says Maryland vetted recent sexual assault accusations against Sulaimon in a three-month, "very thorough" investigation:

"It was a very thorough process. starting with our staff, [Athletic Director] Kevin Anderson and his staff and [university President Wallace] Loh and his staff," said Turgeon, who had been gathering information on Sulaimon for more than three months. "It was very thorough, and we all come to the conclusion that he was a great kid and he had a chance to be a part of our team."

Turgeon, on how Sulaimon fits with the team:

"Personality-wise, we feel he fits in great with our team," Turgeon said. "He has the same goals in mind as his teammates. As a player, he fits our team and what we were trying to add. He can play wing, play point, and he's a very good defender. And with his experience, he brings some leadership."

Here's Sulaimon, again via Kasinitz:

"This has been a really emotional time for me and my family," Sulaimon said. "My next decision was 100 percent contingent on my trust, the trust factor between me and my future coach. The relationship that I had with both Coach Turgeon and Coach Clark stems way back to seventh grade when I was 13 ... this is where I felt comfortable."

How serious was Maryland's investigation of Sulaimon's past? Kevin Van Valkenburg wonders.

No question:

This post will be updated as more reaction comes in.