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Please, God, let some NFL team use Stefon Diggs better than Maryland did

We want to see Stefon run on Sundays. Make that happen, NFL teams.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

When Stefon Diggs signed with Maryland over Florida and Ohio State in 2012, Terrapin fans hoped it would be the start of a new era in College Park. The team would be moving to the Big Ten soon, and what better way to announce the program's arrival than by grabbing a top-10 prospect from their own backyard, holding off national powers to finally keep somebody home?

Stefon ended up doing all he could in College Park, scoring 17 total touchdowns in three seasons of injury-plagued play, but it still wasn't enough. Maryland posted an 18-20 record in his three seasons with the Terrapins, and at one point Diggs was catching passes from a true freshman scout-team linebacker. After that it was C.J. Brown, he of the 54.4 career completion percentage.

So listen up, NFL teams. Don't waste Stefon Diggs like Maryland did.

He can do things like this:

via ACC Network

Or this:

Heck, he even passed for a touchdown during his time with the Terps.

The biggest problem for Diggs, beyond inept play at the quarterback position and a rotating cast at offensive line, was injuries. After missing one game with an ankle injury in 2012, he missed the final six games in 2013 after breaking his leg against Wake Forest. In 2014, Diggs helped lead Maryland to its first win at Penn State in program history while playing on a lacerated kidney, and missed the rest of the season with that injury.

Keep Stefon Diggs healthy, keep Stefon Diggs happy, score a lot of points. Seems easy to me, NFL teams.