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The Maryland All-Randy Edsall team: Fullback

Yes, there are multiple options.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

As the offseason kicks into another gear, Testudo Times readers will be voting on the All-Randy Edsall team. All players who started multiple games under Randy Edsall (2011-14) at Maryland are eligible for consideration.

We'll move on to fullback, with two different options available. Each player started two years for Randy Edsall in College Park, with one of the two still on the roster.

Feel free to vote using whichever criteria you please. After we finish with each position, we'll post the results of the full team.

Tyler Cierski

Stats: 15 rushing yards (2.1 per carry), 5 receiving yards (5.0 per catch), one touchdown

Cierski was one of Maryland's best recruiting hauls in the 2011 class, ranking as one of the top fullbacks in the country. Problem was, the Terrapins' new offense under Randy Edsall didn't have much use for that kind of fullback. After holding the starting job in 2011 and 2012, Cierski suffered an injury and lost his job to Kenneth Goins.

Kenneth Goins, Jr.

Stats: 110 rushing yards (4.8 per carry), 103 receiving yards (9.4 per catch), two touchdowns

When Cierski went down with an injury, Goins picked up as a freshman and never looked back. A former star back at Gilman, Goins proved reliable as a ball-carrying option out of the backfield when other options were either hurt, suspended or suffering fumble problems. He looks likely to finish his career a four-year starter, with no competition apparent on the roster.