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Randy Edsall talks Maryland football spring game

Comments from a school release.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

On the play of the quarterbacks during the Spring Game:

"Very inconsistent. I thought there were some things that they did well, then there were some things we had some open receivers that we missed on and some throws that we needed to make and we hung onto the ball a little too long. We have a lot of work to do with both of them, but I thought they made progress this spring. We just have to be more consistent and more exact with the things that we are doing."

On the play of the defense today:

"We kept it kind of simple. We didn't do all the things on offense or defense that we want to do. It was very vanilla on defense - we didn't blitz, we didn't do any of those things. I am very pleased with our defense in terms of what we have been able to do this spring. They understand what we are doing. They are executing really well. They had the one long run against them today that I think they were experimenting and the guy hit the wrong gap. I like the way we are coming along and as we add some more guys to the puzzle, I think we have a chance to be really good on defense."

On the play of Brandon Ross and Albert Reid:

"I think there is always competition there at running back with Brandon [Ross], Jacquille [Veii] and Albert [Reid] and we will get Wes [Brown] back in the fall. We will have good competition. We will have guys who can go in and make things happen. I think Jacquille is a young guy who is very talented, he just has to understand that you don't always have to make the big play, but I love his desire, I love his passion and I love what he does out there."

On the play of Anwaine Carter:

"I thought he had a good spring. We moved him from safety to corner and thought he seemed a little bit more natural there. I thought he got better this spring. Now he has to use the summer to get a little bit stronger, but he took advantage of his opportunities this spring. I like what he is doing there at corner. If he just puts on the weight and gets stronger, then he can be a guy to push guys for playing time."

On Yannick Ngakoue's transition to the defensive line:

"I think he has gotten better. There are still some things that he has to work on, but he enjoys that position and he has gotten better at it. He is just going to continue to get better because he is a worker. He is a guy who wants to do well. We want to get him stronger and put a little bit more weight on him, but I really like what he has done there. He has the right approach and the right attitude."

On what he saw in the kicking game today:

"I saw Brad [Craddock] kick a 50-yarder which didn't surprise me. I thought the punting was inconsistent. I know it was a tough wind when you are going into it, but I didn't think those guys got the ball turned over enough when we were kicking with the wind. Again we will have another young man, Nick [Rubinowicz], coming in and competing and all those things will be decided. I am happy with this spring in term of how it went and what we were able to get accomplished. Now it is up to these guys to get the work done on their own throughout the months of May, June and July and be ready to go when we get back in August."

On the atmosphere at today's game:

"I thought it was good. It was a great day. It was a beautiful, sunny day, a little windy. It was a great day for us. All these people came out here. We did have a good group of incoming players here and also a good group of recruits as well. Just a great day. Nobody got hurt either so now we can start our summer program, start lifting again on Thursday."