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Good Counsel CB Travon Stott talks Maryland offer, recruiting timeline

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Good Counsel (Md.) CB Travon Stott talks about his relationship with Maryland commit Keandre Jones and his recent Terrapin offer with Testudo Times.

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The first scholarship offer is something a high school football player never forgets. After all the hours of practice, early morning workouts and impactful plays on game day, each scholarship holds its own meaning to each recruit. Having the first offer come from the hometown school is something that's very special to 2016 Good Counsel (Md.) cornerback Travon Stott.

"When coach Edsall told me he was going to offer me, I was pretty excited. I was happy," he said. "[4-star Good Counsel linebacker] Keandre Jones is my best friend, so when he committed there, it was like 'Woah we may have a possibility of playing together for four more years.' What stands out about Maryland is definitely being home, being able to play in front of my family and friends and their new facilities."

After the official word of the Cole Field House renovation project, many said the real momentum was with the class of 2016. Stott is a big supporter of the facility project and sees it as a sign of good things to come.

"When I was up there for a basketball game against Wisconsin, they showed us a video of what the new facilities would look like," he said. "It's cool how they're doing the indoor practice facility and the weight room. They have it so that you come from a tunnel down to the field before the games. Everything about that was so exciting, and it had me thinking that I could go there."

Having been in communication with coach Edsall and coach Locksley, Stott has yet to discuss his potential within the Maryland secondary, as the Terps are in the market for a new defensive backs coach.

"I've talked to coach Locksley a lot since he mostly recruits this area," he said. "Since Maryland doesn't have a defensive backs coach, I haven't been able to talk about my role of being a defensive back at Maryland. Coach Edsall said they're getting ready to hire a defensive backs coach, so I'll be learning about that shortly."

Will Likely, who exploded onto the scene in the Big Ten by leading the conference with six interceptions as a sophomore, could be an invaluable resource to Stott as he gets ready for the next level. The Floridian cornerback would be a senior during Stott's freshman year.

"It's impacted my recruitment quite a bit," said the junior about Likely's play "With Maryland coming from the ACC and doing pretty well in the Big Ten, that's a big jump. You see them moving forward and making progress. With him being a corner and not having freakish size and for being how short he is and being the Big Ten's top corner means a lot to me, as I'm thinking about Maryland and having a chance to play for them."

Stott, the 26th-best player in the state of Maryland according to the 247Sports Composite, has expressed interest in Temple as well as Virginia Tech. The prospect paid a visit to Blacksburg late last year.

"What stands out about them is their tradition with putting defensive backs in the NFL," he said. "With the Fullers coming from Good Counsel, and how they've played in the NFL, it means a lot for their tradition."

Stott doesn't have any future visits planned to other schools, but would like to get to Temple for a camp, and says that he is "definitely" going to a Maryland camp now.

In regards to making his final decision, Stott hopes to be comfortable with all of his options sooner rather than later.

"Depending on how the rest of my recruiting process goes, I'll pretty much want to be comfortable in knowing where I'm going before the start of my senior season."