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Randy Edsall explains Maryland football's adjustment to 4-3 defensive scheme

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After Maryland's first spring practice Wednesday, the head coach spoke to the media. Here's some of what he said.

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The Maryland football team got its 2015 season partially underway Wednesday with the first practice of spring. Afterward, head coach Randy Edsall talked with some depth about Maryland's change to a 4-3 defensive scheme, and more. Here's some of what Edsall said, based on the program's transcript.

On the 4-3 defense:

"It's new from the standpoint like a couple guys up front that are playing techniques that they've never played before. From a coverage standpoint, it's a lot of the same just some of the technique things that we are doing. Yannick [Ngakoue] and Jessie [Aniebonam], we're playing them differently. Roman [Braglio] and Brett [Kulka] are in a better position to suit their skillset. Them playing on a tight end, they've just got to learn that technique. The inside guys have done that before. The safeties are going to do a better job of fitting into the run scheme.  I told them they weren't going to master it in one day, but I was pleased with how they attacked it."

On the players' response to the new scheme:

"They're excited about it. There are some things that we're doing that are going to serve us better because of the personnel. That's the biggest thing with coaching. You've got to evaluate who you have and put them in the best position to be successful and that's what we're doing it."

On his goals for spring practice:

"It's just getting everyone to learn the new techniques you are going to play... We're going to have a core group of fronts, coverages, stunts and blitzes that we are going to hang our hat on and we are going to perfect those through the first 15 practices. It'll come together more and more each and every day. In these first five practices we'll pretty much install everything. Then after they get back from spring break, then we can kind of go back and review everything and you'll continually see progress. It's just that process that you go through in spring ball to get to where you want to be by the end of the spring. You know you are still not going to be a finished product because they're going to work all summer long and you going to incorporate freshman, and then you are going to be ready to go in August and have the finished product by the time you start the season."

On meeting the Big Ten's challenges:

"I see guys that understand what the challenges are. Last year you might have thought you knew what the challenge was and what you were going to go against, but there was still some uncertainty because they'd never done it. Now that they've done it, they know what the challenges are and what the expectations are. They know what we have to do to get to where we want. They're excited about that and they've worked extremely hard over the past few weeks getting ready for spring, and now they'll work hard for these six weeks in order to get the football part of it down."

On Keith Dudzinski, his team's new defensive coordinator:

"Keith's high-energy. The kids respond to him. He's passionate, and he's smart. He knows it in and out. I'm really excited with what Keith brings to the table and how he handles the kids and how they respond."