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Local lineman Brian Plummer talks Maryland offer, love for the program

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Brian Plummer grew up a Terps fan. Now he has the chance to play for his hometown team.

Brian Plummer

After receiving a scholarship offer from hometown Maryland, South Carroll Sr. H.S. standout lineman Brian Plummer couldn't help but feel excited about the new opportunity presented to him. Having the chance to play Division 1 football is something many athletes strive for, but few achieve. With the Terrapins being right in Plummer’s backyard, having them take notice of his skills and abilities was especially gratifying.

"Well, I was very happy," said Plummer. "When I talked to coach Edsall, and he extended the offer, initially I was surprised. I called my recruiting coach, coach [John] Dunn, and he kind of hinted that an offer was coming soon. I mean it wasn’t too much of a surprise just because he kind of told me it might happen. But I was very happy that it did happen."

Plummer and his family have history with the program, which could go a long way towards Randy Edsall securing the prospect's pledge.

"I live in Maryland, and I’ve grown up a Maryland fan. I go to two or three games every year," Plummer said. "My dad has season tickets. It was great being recruited by them, and it’s even better with them being more serious about me. To be honest, I really love the program. I’ve been watching it grow over the years. I’ve been watching from going to the ACC to the Big Ten, and from coach Friedgen to coach Edsall. It’s just nice to see them grow."

The 6'7, 300-pound prospect is being recruited as an offensive tackle, where Maryland recently received a commitment from three-star Pennsylvania prospect Michael Clark. Plummer has been in the process of gaining more attention from a variety of schools. For now, the Terps stand as his only offer.

"They’re probably my number one," Plummer said of Maryland. "I have visited a couple of other schools. I’ve visited Clemson and West Virginia during the football season as unofficial game visits. I visited NC State for their Junior Day, and I also visited Wake Forest. My top 3 would probably be Maryland, Clemson and West Virginia just because when I visited I was very impressed with their facilities and their school spirit."

A final decision could be on the horizon for Plummer, but the prospect realizes the ramifications of his decision and plans to take the proper amount of time needed to make an informed decision.

"Well, Maryland has always been high on my list, especially since they offered me," he said. "But I want to take the time to talk to my coaches and family to make a final decision. I am pretty close to making that decision."