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Bracketology: Terps continue to trend down in seeding following loss to Ohio State, close win over Penn State

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Maryland still remains in the 4-6 seed range in most projections.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Disclaimer - As was mentioned previously, there is a lot of basketball to be played. A lot will happen between now and Selection Sunday. The NCAA Tournament Field that is announced on March 15th is going to be a lot different than what people are projecting now. But that doesn't mean looking at projections is a worthless exercise. With that in mind, let's take a look at where people think the Terps currently stand.

Maryland went 1-1 since we last took a look at their projected seeding. The suffered an embarrassing loss on the road to Ohio State and defeated Penn State last night at the XFINITY Center behind strong performances from Dez Wells and Jon Graham. Most projections have only been updated since the Ohio State loss, so Maryland could trend upward a bit if they can handle Iowa on Sunday. But for now, here is where the Terps currently stand in some of the most popular bracket projections.

NCAA Basketball Big Board
Brad Evans of Yahoo! Sports is one of the few still giving Maryland a 3-seed at this point.

Bracketology: Syracuse basketball still has plenty of chances to play its way into NCAA tournament |
Maryland is a 4-seed.

Bubble Watch: A critical week for SEC teams on the tournament fringe |
Terps remain in "lock" status for making the NCAAT.

Bracketology: Time is slowly ticking away -
SB Nation’s bracketology has Maryland as a 4-seed.

NCAA tournament bracket: Projecting the March Madness field of 68 | FOX Sports
Steward Mandel keeps Maryland as a 5-seed this week.

Bracketology 2015: March Madness Bracket Projections (Version 5.0) - CollegeHoopsDaily
College Hoops daily keeps Maryland as a 4-seed this week.

Midwest Region (Cleveland)
Bleacher Report has Maryland as a 5-seed in the Midwest.

NCAA Bracketology 2015
They have Maryland as a 6-seed, but give them a 95% chance of making the tournament.