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College football recruiting rankings 2015: Maryland

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The Terrapins made some key additions at positions of need, but it's their lowest-ranked haul since Edsall's transition class.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland's 2015 class ended with a mixed bag, landing four-star offensive guard Quarvez Boulware Tuesday before losing out on Isaiah Prince (Ohio State) and Austrian Robinson (Ole Miss). Neither decision was a surprise by the time Signing Day came around, but both are disappointments -- Maryland was in good position with each late in the process.

The Terps had an opportunity to sneak into the top 40 of the rankings, but will instead be on the outside looking in for the fourth time in five seasons. Maryland's 2015 class ranked No. 48 in the nation and No. 8 in the Big Ten, directly below Vanderbilt and Virginia and above Washington State and Duke. The class is the lowest-ranked since 2011, Edsall's transition class. That class ranked No. 51, followed by classes at No. 38, No. 41 and No. 44, respectively.

Still, it's a solid (if definitely underwhelming) haul. Maryland addressed many of their needs, brought in two blue-chip locals in the trenches and reached out of state to grab one of Pennsylvania's best prospects.

Here's the class again:

  1. Adam McLean, DL, Quince Orchard (Gaithersburg, Md.), 4 stars, .9419 composite rating, 14th-best defensive tackle, second-best player in Maryland. Highlights here.
  2. Quarvez Boulware, OL, Friendship Academy (Washington, D.C.), 4 stars, .9039 composite rating, 18th-best offensive guard, third-best player in the District. Highlights here.
  3. D.J. Moore, WR, Imhotep Institute (Philadelphia, Pa.), 3 stars, .8872 composite rating, 46th-best wide receiver, 10th-best player in Pennsylvania. Highlights here.
  4. E.J. Donahue, OL, Linganore (Frederick, Md.), 3 stars, .8867 composite rating, 25th-best offensive guard, eighth-best player in Maryland. Highlights here.
  5. Ty Johnson, RB, Fort Hill (Cumberland, Md.), 3 stars, .8569 composite rating, 54th-best running back, 18th-best player in Maryland. Highlights here.
  6. Keiron Howard, DL, Potomac (Oxon Hill, Md.), 3 stars, .8472 composite rating, 60th-best defensive tackle, 23rd-best player in Maryland. Highlights here.
  7. Gage Shaffer, QB, Frankfort (Ridgeley, W.V.), 3 stars, .8441 composite rating, 40th-best pro-style quarterback, 2nd-best player in West Virginia. Highlights here.
  8. Darnell Savage, DB, Caravel Academy (Bear, Del.), 3 stars, .8435 composite rating, 91st-best cornerback, 2nd-best player in Delaware. Highlights here.
  9. Ellis McKennie, OL, McDonogh (Owings Mills, Md.), 3 stars, .8358 composite rating, 78th-best offensive guard, 29th-best player in Maryland. Highlights here.
  10. Gus Little, LB, Massaponax (Fredericksburg, Va.), 3 stars, .8322 composite rating, 50th-best inside linebacker, 40th-best player in Virginia. Highlights here.
  11. Jahrvis Davenport, WR, Robinson (Tampa, Fla.), 3 stars, .8311 composite rating, 157th-best wide receiver, 188th-best player in Florida. Highlights here.
  12. Mason Zimmerman, OL, Anthony Wayne (Whitehouse, Ohio), 3 stars, .8304 composite rating, 18th-best center, 62nd-best player in Ohio. Highlights here.
  13. Will McClain, Middletown (Middletown, Md.), OL, 3 stars, .8292 composite rating, 144th-best offensive tackle, 33rd-best player in Ohio. Highlights here.
  14. Brett Zanotto, LB, Franklin Regional (Murrysville, Pa.), 3 stars, .8284 composite rating, 53rd-best inside linebacker, 34th-best player in Pennsylvania. Highlights here.
  15. Mbi Tanyi, Bush, DL, (Richmond, Texas), 3 stars, .8270 composite rating, 71st-best strong-side defensive end, 167th-best player in Texas. Highlights here.
  16. Isaiah Davis, LB, St. Stephen's & St. Agnes (Alexandria, Va.), 3 stars, .8215 composite rating, 122nd-best athlete, 47th-best player in Virginia. Highlights here.
  17. Oseh Saine, DL, Worcester Academy (Worcester, MA), unrated. Highlights here.
  18. Nick Rubinowicz, P, American Heritage (Delray, FL), 2 stars, .7000 composite rating, 20th-best punter, 429th-best player in Flordia. Highlights here.

And here are the (probably) final Big Ten recruiting rankings, via the 247Sports Composite:

  1. Ohio State: 27 commitments, .9006 average, 279.83 points
  2. Penn State: 25 commitments, .8905 average, 250.00 points
  3. Michigan State: 21 commitments, .8766 average, 221.80 points
  4. Nebraska: 20 commitments, .8589 average, 204.86 points
  5. Wisconsin: 20 commitments, .8562 average, 198.23 points
  6. Michigan: 14 commitments, .8782 average, 194.86 points
  7. Illinois: 24 commitments, .8350 average, 182.01 points
  8. Maryland: 18 commitments, .8436 average, 179.60 points
  9. Indiana: 22 commitments, .8419 average, 175.82 points
  10. Northwestern: 20 commitments, .8403 average, 174.48 points
  11. Rutgers: 25 commitments, .8295 average, 171.46 points
  12. Iowa: 21 commitments, .8261 average, 167.51 points
  13. Minnesota: 24 commitments, .8294 average, 165.56 points
  14. Purdue: 26 commitments, .8155 average, 164.34 points