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Bracketology: How did win over Wisconsin impact Maryland's seeding?

Maryland received another bump in its seeding by most bracketologists following the win over Wisconsin.

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Well folks, it's almost that time. We're three days away from March and just 17 days from Selection Sunday. Maryland has three conference games remaining before they head out to Chicago for the Big Ten Conference tournament. With just over two weeks left before we find out where Maryland will be dancing, let's take a quick look at Maryland's tournament resume to date.

Top 50 wins (KenPom)

No. 5 Wisconsin (home), No. 14 Iowa State (neutral), No. 17 Michigan State (home and road), No. 30 Oklahoma State (road), No. 44 Purdue (road), No. 46 Indiana (home).

Bad loses (to team 100 or higher) - Zero.

Maryland has had several blowout losses, but its five loses have all come against teams in the top 64 of KenPom's rankings. All of those losses, sans the Virginia one, came on the road. There aren't very many teams in the country who can say that they own seven top-50 wins, including one against a top-5 team, and no top-100 losses. My point? Maryland is a stone cold lock for the NCAA tournament. They were a lock before the Wisconsin win, but that win was the cherry on top of their amazing at-large resume.

As a result of the Wisconsin win, the bracketologists have moved Maryland mostly into the 3-seed range. Maryland would probably have to win out or have some of the teams ahead of them suffer some big upsets in order for them to move up to a 2-seed. At this point, you can probably bet that Maryland will be awarded at highest a 2-seed and at lowest a 5-seed. But they'll likely end up with a 3-seed.

Here's what others are projecting Maryland:

Bracketology - NCAA College Basketball Brackets and Predictions - ESPN
Our favorite bracketologist because he said he had a picture of a bubble in his basement that had Seth Greenberg's head in the middle of it has Maryland as a 3-seed this week.

Bracketology: Villanova moves up to top seed line after ripping Providence |
Maryland as a 3-seed in a bracket where Duke is the number 1 seed would be amazing.

Bracketology: The Ducks crack the field -
Terps are a 4-seed, but this was before Wisconsin win.

CBS Bracketology: Terps remain a 3-seed
Maryland is still a 3-seed in their latest bracketology.

RealTimeRPI Bracketology
Maryland moved up to a 3-seed this week based on their RPI.

NCAA Basketball Big Board
Brad Evans of Yahoo! Sports has Maryland as a 3-seed this week.

South Region (Houston)
They have Maryland has a 4-seed, but haven't updated since the Wisconsin win.

March Madness bracket: Ohio State, Texas flirting dangerously with the bubble | FOX Sports
Terps are a 3-seed.

M + J's NCAA Basketball Bracket Watch
Terps are a 3-seed.

CollegeHoopsDaily - The College Basketball Blog
They have Maryland as a 4-seed, but I think it hasn't been updated since the Wisconsin win.

SportsRatings: College Basketball: Dance Chance: NCAA Tracker
They have Maryland as a 3-seed and give the Terps a 99.9 percent chance of making the tournament.

Seed Madness - 2/26/2015
Terps are a 3-seed, but they're the #1 3-seed.

1-3-1 Sports
Maryland is a 3-seed this week.

Bubble Watch: Can Jack Gibbs' return push Davidson into the tournament? |
Maryland continues their "Lock" status, along with Wisconsin.